Vegan Meal Try out

12:46:00 PM

This was an amazing try out...motivated me to look for more DIY Vegan try outs ideas
Woot woot 

It is almost lunch time for most people...I say most people because I am in the group that has to wait till evening for my next meal (long story).  The fact that I am not having a bite won't stop me from jazzing myself up with my recent DIY Vegan meal try outs.

I was away all last week so when I got home at the beginning of the week, I did two interesting vegan try outs. In a previous post detailing how my vegetarian lifestyle is affecting my mental health, i mentioned my new found love for tofu. In this post, i will introduce you to my love; tofu.

Tofu blocks just before removing the moisture
On Monday evening I made scrambled tofu (dont they look like eggs) with spinach which I had with avocado and multigrain bread (I love this bread more for the color)
Tofu is the vegan version of egg for me; just saying

Yesterday I spiced up some black beans (njahi), made veggie burgers patties before grilling them and serving them with beans sprouts and beetroot ...wonder what will be next

PS: I still have a word war in my head about vegetarianism and veganism... I became vegetarian (leaning more on vegan side of life) some months back...and since my inclination is more on the latter, I will use it for this post and future posts unless stated otherwise. For me this journey wasn't a choice I made for myself but one my body chose for me by literally rejecting meat (both white and red) and other animal by products (milk, eggs)...i will save you the graphics. In the beginning it was a struggle because I looooooved my chicken, it was a mental process of me accepting it all but n‎ow that I am at home with it and  can actually sit with people stuffing their faces with meat and just shake my head as i plot my next try out....i am more excited about this journey (not to mention the numerous other benefits i get from this lifestyle)

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