Ecotherapy - Ololua Nature Trail

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Good afternoon beautiful people,

Quick post on my morning that I just have to share. So my girl P took me for a nature walk in Ololua Nature Trail because my recent panic attacks and anxiety issues needed this type of cure ...thanking God for friends who know how to handle these things.

I am ashamed to say, this place is in my backyard(ish) and I have never gone. To get there, you use Karen Blixen road down through where you will see the Cemetra (sp) sign post.

It's Ksh 200 for citizens, Ksh 400 for residents and Ksh 600 for non residents. It has a camping and picnic site. 

There is a waterfall and lots and lots of amazing roots (yes I loved the roots of all the trees we saw in there), 

there is also a tree house of sorts and this place you can sit by the stream which unfortunately some people had a birthday (there was a cake box) and decided to leave all there trash mostly alcohol bottles by the river bed (shame on you whoever you are) There was a cave but we were there to cool anxiety not to create more so we skipped it.

I loved those 2 hours out there in nature, got home feeling so so relaxed and full of joy...there is always something about nature that does it for me, think I will be going back there real soon.

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