Was part of New Media, Citizen and Government 2016 (#NMCG2016) - Abuja

7:33:00 PM

Good afternoon beautiful people, 

This is just a quick note about my speaking engagement in Abuja, I will take time to blog about my experience in Nigeria when i get back home. So I got in from Lagos last evening and right from the airport, i fell deeply in love with Abuja...guess the hills and fresh air and the lack of back to back buildings that won my heart.

Today i was part of two panel sessions at the New Media, Citizens and Governance Conference (#NMCG2016)  at Ibeto Hotel but I will focus on the one my energy was present; Engagement Unusual

We started off on a not so good note, until my mental health toes got stepped on but we settled that and moved on.

During Question and Answer someone asked for epilepsy first aid without thinking i got on the floor to demonstrate (the things i do in the name of mental health advocacy)

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