Clean Eating with My Mind, My Funk (#MMMFCleanEating)

10:54:00 PM

Hi Sweetlings,

How was the weekend for you?

I am dropping in to invite you to a thing my circle and I are doing ...10 days of clean eating. Before I share more, I'd like you to reflect on‎ how you would rate your relationship with food.

My Ratings 
‎Anyone who has been to my house enough times this year would say I have a cleaner relationship with food...they all know how I love love eating raw bell peppers (I have been told never to say I have snacks in my house if an assortment of yellow and red bell peppers is all people will get instead of biscuits and crisps)

This has not been the case until recently. I have almost always have a toxic relationship with food, I remember during my worst episodes of depression, food was among my main go to things... A while ago, I went vegetarian because my body decided it needs a change and it did everything in its power to get me off animal produce including swelling and terrible itching. It was a struggle for me to switch but now I am at a better place, I also have better coping mechanisms and tools some of which I have been sharing in my #100DaysofMentalHealth challenge and the role of (and relationship with) food has been redefined. My new DIY projects are all about experimenting on vegetarian recipes and I have blogged about the effects of switching and watching what I eat on my mental health. ‎ 

The Journey
This wasn't an overnight thing and it is still a work in progress. Though I don't do any animal produce anymore, I still have a bad habits left; namely FANTA ORANGE!!! Coffee was up that list despite the headaches it gave me but  I am at a good place with working on my coffee intake, haven't had any in 3 weeks now but I know it's been luck based on inconvenience more than anything. These bad habits highlights were part of recent conversations with my circle, a meet up that concluded with the suggestion of clean eating for the last 10 days of the month (Mon 21st - Wed 30th). 

Given it is a week away, I thought, why not open it up to everyone ‎who'd like to start (or explore) clean eating.  A week is good enough notice for people to clean out left overs (and for me to finish all the Fanta in the house) and set up for those 10 days. Just to be clear, this is more of an inner journey thing, checking discipline, exploration mambo jambos, trying to dig deep and see the role that food plays in our lives than it is a diet - weight loss mission...if you shed some weight, get some peace of mind and clarity, amazing, amazing but more than anything, this is a self check.

It would be so exciting to have you, my online circle on board. To join us (no charge at all) get in touch with me via the tab on the side of the blog and I will take you through the ropes of the exercise and if you would like to share your milestones or discoveries on social media, use #MMMFCleanEating.

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