Collecting mental health policies across Africa

5:33:00 PM

Happy New Month Beautiful people,

Hope you are doing real good. Ooooh how i love love love love Nigeria, Ghana had been my all time favorite but now, Naija is home. My trip involved some really interesting meetups and conversations around so many things but key is mental health, advocacy, policy implementation and related issues. I have also been reading a lot, still recovering from the fact that there was something called the Lunacy Act of 1958 (who came up with that title...even the Kenyan one had that title and there is a lot of mention of asylums too - you need a strong heart to read through mental health literature in Africa). I am still digging in but so far, I have seen their situation is more or less like what we have back home in Kenya. I peeped into Ghana for a minute because they looked like they had all this sorted out back in 2013 when they elected a 11 member mental health board. Well I was reading yesterday that that board has never really gotten any funding from the government so it has more or less not really lived to its potential. 

I have previously done a post of the 5 main things  mental health suffers in Africa and legislation was among them. It looks like it is a dead end for mental health in Africa but you all know how dead ends ignite me, so my new hobby which has been slowly building up is all 'grown up and professional' now - I want to collect and document mental health policies from all 52 African countries ( i am well aware that some countries may not have one, others may have but it got stuck in the implementation process, i know i will meet the whole funding issue and the fact that there is no money for mental health...but i am ready for all those hurdles - excited to say the least). 

To set the ball rolling, I have added a page on this blog for my mental health policy collection (because collecting mental health policies is a thing like books and cars and all those other things people collect) here is to filling my page with mental health policies across Africa, complete with their implementation process(es) and impact on everyday life in Africa.

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