Introspection (How are you?)

9:11:00 AM

Good morning beautiful people, 

How are you?

Hope the Nairobi weather isn't taking a toll on you as it is threatening me. Well today, I just wanted to share a little about self check and self care which I have been actively doing off late. I still get my low moments but my bounce backs are faster and longer. Last night was pretty had for me and I had to reach out because it was threatening to go beyond me. I woke up feeling much better this morning and I did an introspection just checking if I can identify things that tipped me off and how to work round them next time ( taking care of my mental health is a full time job people).

After my session, I thought of the greeting, 

'How are you?'

We have been taught to have a default answer it, 

 'I am fine thank you for asking'

Most of the time we respond without meaning it and to earn points in the politeness department, we ask 
'How about you?' 

hoping for a default answer of 
'I am fine' 

then we classify anything else as TMI (To much information) and God forbid that we get that label.

Today i'd like us to forget about being polite, 
forget all those default answers they taught us in English class, 
forget the labels. 

Instead take some time and check within yourself. 
Sit in the moment and connect with yourself. 
Write it out if you want to, 
make a sketch, 
sing it out, 
make a rhythm out of it and dance
...Sunshine whatever you have to do, do it and get to know how you really are. 

So how are you this morning Sweetlings?

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