Morning routine and other go to tools for my Nigeria trip (how to take care of your #mentalhealth in a foreign country – Part 2)

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Morning Routine

How far now? (Nigerian greeting meaning how are you – don’t ask me how that translation was done),

Before i went to Nigeria, I had had a relapse and although i took time off to take care of myself, I needed to maintain that through and through. This post is an update on my go to mental health tools. In a previous post on travelling and mental health, I mentioned 5 road trip essentials for people living with epilepsy and mental health diagnosis. 
I will highlight some tools from that post and how they are working for me;

1. Acknowledging the negatives (and triggers). 

I was actually to leave for Nigeria around the time I had a relapse and we had to push my dates as I took time to take care of myself and align my spirit and energy. The first way I took care of myself was by letting a week pass until I was at ease within myself to travel. I missed a speaking engagement though but my health comes first. 

2. Carrying most if not all your go-to things.
For every trip I go for, local or international, I always have my Bible, journal, yoga mat and sport shoes…soon I will be making branded care packs, so help me God.  This trip was no different, the first two were neaty packed. As for my yoga mat; I managed to use it on the first day at the hotel in Lagos, forgot it when I travelled to Abuja. I also forgot my sports shoes at home so I couldn’t my usual morning/evening runs. This meant I needed to come up with something that would be my everyday grounding. Within no time, I developed a morning routine; wake up, give thanks, shower, carry my Bible and journal to the pool for two or so hours of study and journaling which mentioned as my Day 4 tool in my ongoing 100 days of mental health challenge (hope you are all following). This routine literally sets the tone for the day and i immediately jump into amazing work flow after that (or breakfast hurting because it is hard to be a vegetarian in Nigeria)

A word for everyone, don’t be too stiff on your tools and the formula you have set. Routine works for me as much as it works against me. I am a list type of person but I am flexible enough to know that some days, I might end up not checking anything off my list and that is also ok. Have an open mind, be kind to yourself and remember to inhale and exhale, that sometimes things need to hit dead ends for new things to be discovered.

3. Taking five
If you feel overwhelmed by anything including sticking to a routine or lack of flow/rhythm/routine through the day, take a walk or a nap. I got into a tiff with one of my people here and decided to go for a walk which led me to a very interesting evening of discovering very disgusting fresh made smoothies – I cant believe fresh made can be this disgusting (and no I love my mixes so I was either too angry or …ok I leave it there). I also got to visit a place I always wanted to visit and meet some interesting humans and by the time I was getting back, I had new found energy.

What tools are you currently using for your mental health?

PS; Read Part 1 of taking care of your mental health in a foreign country aka lessons from my South Africa trip

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