Volunteer Call Out

10:21:00 PM

Good evening beautiful people,

Clearly I need help with my 'artistic ways' but that is not what I am here for. In October 2014, MMMF (my mental health social enterprise) had the chance to be part of a medical camp for the first time. This was a big deal because medical camps are usually about eyes and other things. This evening, that big deal is happening again, I just got a call informing me that our tent was such a hit that they would like to host us again this weekend. ( I know it is short notice,i was out of reach in Nigeria and right this very minute, I am trying not to panic...and I am not hiding it well)

The good news is that we have been part of this before. The last i worked with an amazing group of 
Nairobi University volunteers and my students from Kibera but it is so short notice and the anxious me opted for a call out instead (maybe i should have slept on it right?)

Now that i am here, I am looking for people with training to offer counselling services and those without any training will not miss something to do. 
The medical camp is near Ngong, this Saturday from 8a... we will be doing mental health awareness and epilepsy first aid demonstration. 

Again anyone who has (or does not have) mental health training can join in, I will definitely find a role for you (but i am working on a first come, first serve basis). If you are interested in volunteering and/or need more information, get in touch via the comment box here or the private message tab on the side or FB inbox - My Mind, My Funk.

Share widely and have an amazing evening...let me put my panic'ed self to bed.

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  1. It was on such short notice, I just saw it yesterday, would love to be involved in all your activities.

    1. Thank you for the support sunshine, you can subscribe on the tab on the side and know when i have another call out. Have a lovely afternoon...sending love and light