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commentary for the Book of Acts (Acts: Working together in Christ's Mission by J.Estill Jones

‎My Church has been doing #WalkThroughTheBible all year where we have been reading through themes along the Bible. Mid way, I got inspired to start doing select books on the side. I did the Book of Luke in June together with my Bible Study group through a Bible Challenge (that's why my van across the street line came from). After that I decided to do the Book of Acts for what I initially hoped would be work inspiration. Having looked the commentary given through the June Bible Study Challenge, I was excited to get a commentary for the Book of Acts (Acts: Working together in Christ's Mission by J.Estill Jones) from a guy who sells second hand Christian books on the streets of Nairobi, yes they have gotten to a point of specializing.

Truth me told, ‎I went in thinking The book of Acts would be like a 'how to spread the gospel manual' from which I hoped to borrow tips for my Bible Study group but I finished it this morning with a totally different 'manual'. I will not sharing my notes here because I am still processing a lot, this is a brush through of how the experience was for me.
It starts of just after Jesus resurrects, Peter is the main guy till quarter way and the whole book of Acts switches to Paul and his wanderlust trips. My time combing through it has seen me meet the person of the Holy Spirit in a major way, an encounter that has really challenged me on spiritual alignment and digging deeper. It ends with a shipwreck (trust Luke; the author to have such an ending) and is Paul in prison still doing his thing (yoooo...Paul is like a cat with nine lives, I lost count of the number of times he was either in prison or running away from people who were plotting to kill him). ‎
I love love how Luke did this book, y'all need to study it.  I am particularly inspired by all the amazing women he introduced me to...i noticed the same when I did the book of Luke in June, he mentioned the women who financed Jesus' work (Lk 8:1-3)...c'mon somebody. Here he mentions the women, Lydia with her purple cloth business, Priscilla in partnership with her hubby hosting Paul and showing Apollo the ropes, Damaris, Tabitha and her Mother Theresa nature, I haven't read much of the Bible but the places I have read there wasn't this many women mentioned by name and trade and influence like in the book of Acts, again I need to read more but y'all Luke is my new fav Bible author. ‎

My understanding of the new testament also got a major upgrade so did my Geography. Y'all I used to study the Book of Acts with my Bible, the commentary, blue letter Bible app, my note book, Dictionary and maps...it was that serious.‎

In all the wanderlusting, my fav spots are the Upper Rooms and I am thinking of building a house with a space that resembles it...I also loved the Tyrannus Hall concept, maybe because our church has a program around it so it was one of those eureka moments for me (I had so much fun and tears and revelation studying)‎
I also got a comic relief, I won't lie, I laughed when a boy fell from the 3rd floor of a building when Paul was teaching. I know the healing miracle should be the focus but y'all it cracked me up....oh also the first dude Peter and John healed by the Beautiful Gates, I can imagine his theratrics.
On the real (spiritual) though, besides the 'pop culture type of stuff' I have shared, the Book of Acts did a lot of awakening for me. I know I would definitely read it again and now I look forward to reading the Pauline letters soon because so so much is in context.
PS: there is a guy called Gamamiel in there that I would definitely want to kick it with sometime...he sounded like my type of crowd.

Have you read the book of Acts? How was it for you?‎

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