Chronicles from Washington DC; Speaking at Howard Theatre, Discovering DC Cafe and other DC stories

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Good morning beautiful people,

I had an amazing time in Washington DC this last week despite my seizures making their international debut, I am still taking in this relapse and its aftermath but soldering on none the less. I was in DC for The MOTH event which saw me and a group of amazing development experts share our journeys. The gig was at the legendary Howard Theatre  on a stage graced by the likes of Marvin Gaye and The was symbolic to speak about inclusion for people living with Epilepsy, at the spot that many used to demand for same decades ago... i shared about my life with epilepsy, dropping out of Actuarial School, getting fired from a job (the last job i ever worked) and starting my mind, my funk...see some of the twitter love for my talk below.

I loved the truth on this poster in one of the restaurants
I spent the time my body allowed me to be up and about all hooded up going round streets and on this random evening, I discovered this really amazing spot called DC Cafe that does out of this world vegetarian meals, i had an eggplant sandwich on the first day and tried their falafel and fries which i thought would just be 3 balls and regular shaped fried but wheeeew they blew me and when my body did not allow, watching the

sun rise and set over the roof tops did it for me.

Airlie, Virginia
2. Road trips

Went down to Airlie in Virginia and it was amazing to be in that space, though i spent most of my time in bed because my body wasn't cooperating, it was an amazing spot and the company i was in was is not goodbye beautiful people, it is see you later.

3. Missed opportunities
I missed a chance to go to NPR Offices and meet the people who published one of my oped pieces and also to be part of some meetings. Socially I missed a goodbye dinner and an opportunity to go hang out with friends from long ago at Busboy and Poets which was highly recommended... During my month long US speaking tour in June, I never left the hotel room when i had to speak at the Mental Health America Annual Conference so i am grateful for the adventures i had this time round.

Someone take me back to Airlie

I also grateful i did not miss the opportunity to be part of this trip despite a lot of uncertainty with my health just before i left, i am grateful that despite that seizure the day before i got on stage and the twitching that followed i got to speak and share of myself and my journey...i am so looking forward to my next DC trip (someone organize it) and the stages God has in store for me.
...remember to never give up on yourselves and your calling...He's got you.

PS: You can catch my vlog on how my seizures began and a web series on living with epilepsy where i discuss love, school, faith, moving out and other things.

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