'Confidence Booster' - Day 71/ #100DaysofMentalHealth

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Confidence Booster
Hey hey beautiful people, 

It is a few hours to the end of 2016, wheeeeeeew!!! ‎This is both scary and amazing...I am in awe of all the things God has done for me this year, I can't start the list because it is never ending...Though there were some really high highs, there were lows; things I thought I would have dealt with by now but still haven't and it scares me thinking that I have to carry them forward to 2017.

The sneaky energy of fear was trying to convince the failure calculator to pay me a surprise visit but I am so glad I caught wind of their plans before their sneak attack.

Day 71/ #100DaysofMentalHealth borrows from 2 Tim 1:7 which speaks of God not giving me the spirit of fear but that of power, love and sound mind.  On Day 47/ #100DaysofMentalHealth we spoke openly about our fears, today we are trading places and looking back to remind ourselves of how amazing we are, how we have been able to do so so much in the past.

It is not about pretending that there is no mountain,

It is not about wishing away toes stepped on and hearts broken

...it more about reminding ourselves that we need to have the power to face these things and that power is within us because God has given us the spirit of power, love and a sound mind

 ...it is more of reminding ourselves how this mountain has nothing on us.

If you'd like to do this exercise, here are quick steps;
1. List /Journal about moments in the near future (preferably in 2016) that you felt most confident about yourself (proud/reassured)

2. Pick one item to do the rest of the exercise with

3. Go back to that moment and remember what happened before that moment, where were you? Who were you with? (write this down, draw if you have to)

4. What took this moment away (I know life happens but what took that feeling of confidence/reassurance/pride)

5. Would you like to have it back? If yes or no, why?

6. What do you need to do to get it back (assuming your answer for 5 is yes)

7. Feel free to pick another moment from list made in 1 and do 2-6 again and again and again

PS: This exercise in itself doesn't make things go away or solve ‎pending issues, but it reminds us that we have the power to do something including asking for help as opposed to living in fear, crafting lies, hiding or getting bogged down by stress that may lead to depression and a can of many other things.

So what fav moments are on your list?

Sending love and light, 

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