From pig to man, man to pig, pig to man...which is which - Have you read Animal Farm?

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All animals are equal...but some are more equal than others

Good evening beautiful people,

So i have this thing (not sure if it is good or bad) reading two or three books at the same time (ok at the same same time but parallel, is that better? simultaneously? side by side? oh well...i will put the right word when i read it) After i finished the commentary on the book of Acts, I began Animal Farm by George Orwell, an amazing classic written in the 40s but very very relevant. I copped it alongside So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba (which i am saving for a special time) at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (the International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria) when waiting for my flight back home from Nigeria (read about the trip here)

Animal Farm by George Orwell is only 97 pages long/short (ok the version i had was that short) and can be done in one sitting. It might however take a little longer if the narrative hits you in the right places and like me you have to take pauses to internalise (no you cannot borrow my copy, i have made so many notes on it, you would think i was editing the rough draft aaaaand i have to give it so many other rounds). 

I do not want to break it down for you because I would like you all to read it for yourself but it is animals in a farm and the things they do to get to a place and the things they do when in that place.

If you know a Mollie, may God give you grace,
If you know a Boxer, may God grant them wisdom,
I think Snowball was a little, just a little to my liking but he was a pig and the way the pigs did that farm,
Ooooh a Squealer, i need a minute, a minute
...the other animals aaaaaand Napoleon, 
..wheeeew jut read the book
i have tried really hard not to give it up so read then we can have that conversation.

The other book I am reading is Sticky Church by Larry Osborne, that is speaking volumes to me not just in my spiritual walk but also on a project i have been building in the background from last year.

What are y'all reading?

Sending love and light,

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  1. Just got "Animal farm" :-) Am going to read it when I finish 3books that am reading at the same time :-). Thank you for sharing

    1. Yaaaaay tell me how you find when you are is amaaaaazing to know I am not the only who reads more than 1 book at the same time