How to write a position paper (these are not real tips)

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Tools for writing a position paper
Good afternoon beautiful people, 

So I have been struggling with a position paper for a week or so now. Last night I decided to put aside today to finish it. It is 1p and I thought to share my progress (or lack of)...Someone tell me if they feel me

1.Wake up with the resolve to start and finish the paper (CHECK)
2.Work out the outline and argument for the position paper (CHECK)
3.Think how amaaaaazing a cup of tea would be at this point of the process (NOT ON TO DO LIST BUT WHY NOT)
4. Somehow convince yourself that roasting some groundnuts will super charge you for the paper (DERAILMENT PROPER)
5. Finally sit down to work on the first draft...right after posting the steps online (and seeing how others are progressing) (ONLY GOD CAN SAVE ME)

I really need to finish this position paper today, here is to give it another that I have my groundnuts and tea which were not on the initial plan...oooh and this post...luckily i managed to do an outline so i can get back on track.

How is your writing process?

Update::: It is 4p and i have just clicked send on my paper, i guess i needed to do this post to give myself that push, ooh plus drink loads of water and put on some Mozart (it helps with my concentration or so i think it does). I find putting together the first draft the most stretching of experiences when i write, after that, the back and forth with the editor is much easier (though at times the final product and where i began look like day and night, very different)

Again i ask, how is your writing process.

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