Luh luh love notes aka progress reports

7:56:00 PM

I always appreciate your love notes
Good evening beautiful people, 

How is the holiday season (for those of you who are having holidays) almost everyone I have met this week is not yet in 'holiday mode' so that makes me feel kinda ok-ish when I still have meetings and use the time after that to catch up on emails...I get some downtime though and binge on naps and crime episodes on TV (don't ask about my hobbies)

I am just dropping in to show some love to all of you and share part of the love y'all dropping in my inbox. It is Day 23 of December and I have been depression free which is something I have a haaaard time with over the holidays (does the jingle dance - not sure if there is a jingle dance though)

This means everyday in December has been special but today was particularly special - had an impromptu sleepover at my house last night which was an amaaaaazing way to begin today, all snuggled and asking who created mornings and I ate leftovers before rushing for a meeting because we didn't want to move (P I am romantizing the scene for the blog, you know I didn't get late for our meeting because I was snuggling and eating leftovers, you know that rights?) After my meeting, I had lunch with a lady whose family hasn't yet embraced her mental health diagnosis and it is always an honor to have people open up to me about their journeys and after hours of speaking, we concluded that she might be starting a support group in her school in the new year with my guidance...looking forward to this project and loved her initiative and proactivity. Got back home and it was email o'clock...was blown me off my feet as I went through emails by the love note I partly share at the top (I always ask for permission before sharing anything sent to me).

I looooove the awards and lists I get on because of my work to bring conversations about this real but taboo topic on the forefront but none of those things get close to notes from those who use my blog where I document my journey of living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar as a source of inspiration and information...these notes aka progress reports from people across the globe always confirm and reaffirm, in ways no award can, my calling to do this mental health ministry...if this isn't an amazing way to end the day, I don't know what is (ok maybe another random sleepover)

How was today for you? How are the holidays?

PS::: Note posted with sender's permission, all communication with me (and #mymindmyfunk‎)‎ is confidential

Sending love and light, 

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