Make Amends - Day 69/ #100DaysofMentalHealth

3:30:00 PM

Probably one of my most challenging things yet

Hey hey beautiful people,

We are moving on with the #100DaysofMentalHealth challenge and this sticker bears what was my challenge during my Washington DC trip. I am still working on it but would like to report that in my attempt to make amends, I have successfully dealt with some things and miserably failed in others. 

So for this challenge, we are looking at the things(and people) we need to make amends for (with). This process of making amends requires grace, wisdom and a truckload of courage. It also requires a lot of soul searching for some of the things and monitoring your energy through the process, asking yourself why and being totally sincere even when the answer isn't pretty (and then there are some things that are more direct and don't need any digging - stop delaying the process) 

Once you have your list ready, carefully think through the how (the process - for some a simple apology will do, for others it is an essay, others may require a face to face or a whole strategy complete with middle men). Whatever the process, don't forget yourself and your well being in an attempt to make things right and remember just because you want to make things right, doesn't necessarily mean that things will be it anyway, if only to be right with your mind.

All the best Sweetlings

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