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I just have to share my best take away from the book before i speak about it  - holy man myth and holy place myth. In encouraging and emphasising the value of small groups, the author argues that it reduces/shifts people’s thoughts that only the pastor can pray to God on their behalf or only meeting in church makes things move…this is something unfortunately most churches promote yet we all have direct access to heaven….which reminds me, have y’all seen the clip doing rounds of a pastor spraying Doom (the cockroach killer) on people’s faces?

I really needed to share that first before I get to the spin of good morning beautiful people.

I finished Sticky Church by Larry Osbourne a few days ago which is an amazing book for anyone who would like to work with small groups. It is very conversational, real and funny and made me reflect on some of my work with small groups from back in day when I hosted a monthly poetry night and regular workshops for poets plus the Kibera and Korogocho mental health projects I have done. I picked Sticky Church from a street vendor who sells second hand Christian books in the CBD when I bought the Book of Acts commentary. I particularly got it with hopes that I could use it to understand how to work with small groups so that they are not only sticky but also make an impact through their stickiness (one of the many things I want as an outcome of a project I am still prototyping).

One of the small groups work this book made me look at in depth is my last gig where for 9 months in 2016, I hosted and led a group of around 25 ladies in a monthly Bible Study at my house (not everyone was present at every meeting) and as group, we had two outreach events (on Valentine’s Day and in September) with single mothers from a low income settlement area near where I live.

Leading definitely made me ask myself a lot questions about my faith and why God; why do I believe in Him?

Leading meant I studied the Bible more than usual and prayed a whole lot more (God knows I needed all the grace I could get),

Leading stopped being about having something good to share but in itself grew my desire to dig deeper…it is more than just knowing a nice sounding verse on how prosperous we will be and all those quick fix things we are spoon fed with, it is about knowing what happened before and after that verse, why it exists, what it relates to, what it truly, deeply means…and scripture digging became more than just an activity to check off but an encounter I didn’t want to leave until I got my score for the day. (I now do things like cross referencing, keeping prayer cards and journey boards)

Leading made me look at things in a perspective that following doesn’t,
Leading was a stretch for me, a good one though.

So when I had a relapse after 306 days and my travel schedule intensified later in the year, I took time out which I upgraded a few days ago to an official curtain closing.

I must admit, it was scary doing the initial call out in January after I was sure that this is something I have to do this year (of course, God and I had one too many back and forth conversations).

It was amazing opening my house and life to these ladies and seeing them inviting or recommending their friends to come through.

It was rewarding to share our experiences, vulnerabilities, struggles, successes and lots of laughter and tears…backing it all with Biblical principles and practical everyday tools,

We laughed and ate and ate (did I say ate ok and ate) and prayed and played board games (I still die of laughter when I remember that Saturday in May playing the 50/50 board game – Shout out to Bernice and Samoina).

…and as all this was happening in the forefront, a lot of behind the scenes things in my life were being worked on too… I know (and have been told) that I have grown so so much, not just spiritually and I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store.

Back to Sticky Church, the book this post is meant to be about, so Larry Osbourne’s interest in small groups was more about maintaining and growing the people already in church and letting them be a reflection of what the church is all about (because the church is the people more than the building) as opposed to always trying to attract new members. (if the people are grounded and sticky, then they are true representatives as opposed to having huge numbers of 'shallow followers') This is my break down of it all and I have learnt a few tips which I will definitely be prototyping in my project.

SIDE NOTE::: remember what I started with, the holy man and holy place myth.

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