2016 Best Nine (Ten)

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Thank You NPR for featuring me on this list
Beautiful people,

How are y'all doing?

So I joined the #2016BestNine wagon where you key in your Instagram account name and it gives you the posts that had the most likes, the number of posts you put up and sum of likes.

It was interesting to note that as much as those were amazing moments that I shared with my online community, they are so so far from my best moments in real life...I will try blog about those moments that made 2016 rock but weren't displayed on social media (the working word is i will try-no promises). 

In the meantime, I will take you round what #2016BestNine thinks are my best based on likes. 
1. Visit to Hollywood Walk of Fame - Robin Williams Star (let's not talk about mental health when 'celebs' die or speak out, let's talk it everyday...all day, everyday) 
2. At University of Southern California with Elyn Syks (white hair) a mental health advocate I had blogged about years ago (2 Women Share their life journeys with Schizophrenia on TED talks and 5 must watch TED Talks on mental health) and had the pleasure to meet thanks to Flawless Foundation 
3. At SaddleBack Church - Pastored x Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven Book (PS: This church has a regular mental health support group meet up, how cool is that) 
4 & 6 With Caitlyn Jenner in Aspen - Here is a video of our conversation about mental health 
5. Summary of my year as a Vegetarian (more meal tryouts coming this year - check out the tab
7. Summary of my morning runs, evening walks and afternoon strolls plus gym peeps
8. Abuuuuuuuja, Nigeria - we have some unfinished business (Have you read my Chronicles From Nigeria post?) 
9. Yes we were out and about in 2016 (Added a travel tab on my blog, looking forward to adding more posts to it)

My bonus best comes from the NPR compilation of their stories where I featured in their '7 women trailblazers who took a stand in 2016' piece

Have you done the best nine? Care to share?

Sending love and light, 

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