Personal Essay that takes you through my mental health journey (from before diagnosis to date) Published on OCR Recovery Diaries

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Gooooooood morning beautiful people,

So I am all about quick notes these days, I promise to work on being here for a while longer and taking walks with you all instead of the quick drop ins.

So sometime last year, GN from OCR asked if I could do an essay about my mental health journey for their website. W‎eeeeell it finally got published and I would like to share the link with you ...This essay is about my journey right before my epilepsy diagnosis, rape, bipolar to why I am constantly speaking out (and up) pluuuuus why and how my mind,my funk came about and the mental health work done so far + future plans.‎Looking forward to those shares and comments.

Hope you are all doing good, I have a post or two about my Ireland trip coming out soon so watch out for that, I have also done two Oped pieces for a local and international daily, looking forward to seeing them out.

Guess 2017 is about writing huh?

I know I know this was a quick note (and this is how you know I am just firing it off my BlackBerry with no editing and drafting) but I just said writing and my Bible Study is on the book of revelation which starts with John being asked to write down what he sees (visions). When I read that, it took me back to vision boarding verse I like in Hab 2:2 where the words writing are use, writing in bold, plainly(told y'all my cross referencing game is getting stronger). To cut the long short, expect a whole lot more articles either here or on a daily near you that has been written by me (moving from about me side of life) I always say, if this is war, our voices are our weapons and if this is everyday life, our voices are our tools...get your voice out there Sunshine, the world needs to hear from you (more than about you...from you)

Sending love and light,

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