Day 74/ #100DaysofMentalHealth - Scents and Aromas

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Aroma sticks
Good morning beautiful people, 

How I have missed you...this is not a quick note, I am here to chill with all of you. What's been happening in your neck of the woooooods?

So I am still pushing on with my #100DaysofMentalHealth challenge...we agreed sometime last year that it's not a day (24 hours) but a day based on stuffs that's happening right?

I have been playing around with a lot and one of the many experimental things I did was with scents and aromas; oils, sticks, them. It is interesting the number of things we smell in a day and how we never sort of take note of how those scents and aromas make us feel. 

I have been noting the scents and aromas that bring that real good feel to me,
The scents and aromas that take me back to my centre.

There are oils out in the market and different brands of sticks...the oils don't do it for me but the sticks yep yep...took a minute to get some that I like, still experimenting with brands so if you have any suggestions, send them my way... Some people react to either oils or sticks (or both) so watch out for that. If it happens, not to fret, there are many natural scents...the smell of the earth when it starts raining (I have never gotten this one), the smell of fresh vegetables (this one does it for me all the time), some leaves like sage...I know people who take coffee just for the aroma...I think is all an awareness and mindfulness thing, noting how certain scents and aromas make you feel and using the positive notes to promote your mental wellbeing.

What scents and aromas work (or don't work) for you?

Sending love and light,
Sitawa Wafula

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