First Post as Contributing Blogger at Huffington Post in honor of International Epilepsy Day whose theme is putting epilepsy in the picture

7:40:00 PM

Good evening Beautiful people, 

I know I said I will be away from the blog and social media buuuuut this couldn't wait, I recently acquired contributing blogger status at The Huffington Post (yes I have heard it all so don't shade my shine)...I got the log in email from Huffington thanks to the amaaaaazing Holly...couldn't wait to get back online to share. I just posted my first piece as a contributor which is on epilepsy because tomorrow is International Epilepsy Day...just like i put epilepsy in the TED picture, i am doing so on the HuffPost picture.
I hopped on to share that piece which highlights my first ever seizure (almost like the TED talk I did) and how I went through the ropes with it till I began Kenya's first free mental health and epilepsy support line.

Link from Log in invitation

The theme for this year's International Epilepsy Day is putting epilepsy in the picture and it would be so amazing if you put this piece in your picture by reading and sharing it with your friends and family.

...ok now I am offline for true now.

PS::: My fam, Sam Kiwinda will be on Capital FM, Kenya (98.4) tomorrow from 9a talking about epilepsy, be sure to give him a listen‎.

Sending love and light, 

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