Dear Amy Bleuel; your story still goes on through the Project Semi Colon - Day 78 / #100DaysofMentalHealth

12:44:00 PM

Good afternoon Beautiful people, 

Hope you are doing good.

I will go straight to the point.

I made the poster above in 2015, the caption reads; the first time I ever thought of suicide was after I was raped. 

This poster was for a project dubbed Open Spaces through which Photographer Patricia Esteve and I were collecting narratives on suicide because we rarely speak about it yet it is something real.

 When we were beginning, I had several back and forths with Amy Bleuel, founder of Project Semicolon (represented by the blue logo above MMMF'S and the tattoo on my finger about it). She was pretty excited and allowed me to use her movement's logo for it. For those who don't know, the Project Semi colon is a movement that uses the semicolon to represent life after suicide attempt, just like in English, the story would have ended by it goes was born from Amy's life experience‎.

Today I learnt that Amy passed on, 
She died of suicide, 
This is really hard for me. 

Just yesterday, we were talking about suicide and depression based on a project that I am working on and boring y'all with my something is brewing hints.‎ I won't get into a class on suicide and depression and so many other related or unrelated things. 

For Day 78/ #100DaysofMentalHealth I would like each and every one of us, whether you have a semicolon tattoo or have no idea about it, if you knew Amy or are just hearing about her, wherever you are, whatever you are going through, don't suffer in silence...ask for help. 

Sending love and light,
Sitawa Wafula

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  1. So sorry for your loss Sitawa. Agree with u...lets distigmatize mental health to enable people ask for help.
    Wairema Foundation