Some Days

6:43:00 PM

Good evening beautiful people, 

Hope your day had a little more character than mine. Spent a greater chunk of it in bed, two more hours trying to figure my bearing but i think i am good now, though totally tired...maybe it is my new project plus the work i am doing with the ministry of health towards World Health Day whose theme this year is Depression, Lets Talk

For the past couple of days, I have been doing no sleep days and today the script flipped to all sleep day. Well that is the way bipolar works (click to tweet it)

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PS; You can read a post i did for my beloved, trying to explain this bipolar life here

Sending love and light,
Sitawa Wafula‎

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  1. Love your transparency with all your posts. It is refreshing.

    PS: The new look on here looks absolutely amazing. I love love it, better than the other one IMO. Go you!