Spring Cleaning - Day 76 / #100DaysofMentalHealth

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Good morning beautiful people,
I am on top of a heap of clothes feeling very achieved this morning. I have been cleaning out for the past week. This is a process I started in December after my USA trip when I say that I have so many things that made sense before but do not make sense any more and it has been a long time since they ever made sense.

I started with my home office which was slowly becoming a store, did it with my laptop which had ridiculous folders, my phone with photos and videos and apps I can't even remember downloading, my kitchen and now it was my clothes. As I sit on this heap, i asked myself, why do I ever get stressed on what to wear when I have enough bails of clothes(someone know a girls centre that would do with clothes, shoes and bags?) 

That's the same thing we do with our minds and lives, we have things we own, people we keep around us and thoughts we carry that were once functional, had a purpose but then when their season and reason is done, we still continue to carry them just in case we need them or because the process of piling them up in a heap is too much work. We scroll through a heap of contacts but feel none of them will be able to understand our situation and come to our aid. 

Those are some of the signs you need to look out for, feeling too overwhelmed, feeling like it is the same old, feeling stuck. You and I were meant for so so much more. It is always an amazing feeling when I declutter because there is space, space to think, space to create, space to just be me.  As I mentioned, I didn't do it all in one sitting and I am glad it has been a process. Tearing off from stuff is HARD!!! (try it) but the more I do it and feel the peace and freedom in that area I am working on the more I desire the same for another area of my life (and house). So Day 76/ #100DaysofMentalHealth is about spring cleaning...Take some time off this weekend to look around, the things you have, the people around you, the thoughts you carry and start Decluttering. Start small, accept the pain of separation, take time to heal from it, celebrate the wins...then look at another sphere of your life and repeat.   

Happy Spring Cleaning.

Sending love and light,
Sitawa Wafula‎

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  1. Hey girl, kudos. Just saw your blog on today's daily nation, decided to check the blog and I love it. I believe I really need this Spring Cleaning. Thank you.

    1. me too saw it on the daily nation today and checked it out :)

    2. Thank you Sunshine for checking it out, hope you have subscribed

  2. Beautiful read. Thanks Sitawa. Its good riddance to old junk.

  3. Thanks Sitawa. Its good riddance to old Junk. God bless.