Akili ni Mali Mission official announcement (and some behind the scenes notes)

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Akili ni Mali dates and venues 

So for the past few weeks I have been a bad girl teasing with my something is brewing tags. Well this morning in an interview with Adelle Onyango on Kiss FM, I officially announced my new project - Akili ni Mali mission (Akili ni Mali loosely translates to Mind is Wealth). For the next 8 weeks, I will visit various counties across Kenya using storytelling and spoken word to share my journey as a rape survivor living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar and sparking conversations about this real but taboo topics as I offer the things I wished I had at that time of getting both my diagnosis and sexually assaulted; information and support. As shown on my notepad above, I will be visiting Narok/Maasai Mara, Kisumu, Machakos, Nakuru, Mombasa, Garissa, Turkana, Nyeri/Laikipia/Meru, Nairobi

I am doing this as I count down to marking 14 years as a rape survivor this June. Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to have a month long USA speaking tour that included Aspen Ideas Festival which hosted the likes of Caitlyn Jenner (here a little video of me and her talking about mental health) as well as gracing stages like TED and MOTH. This has given me a front row feel of the power of storytelling, a tool I would like to use in engaging thousands across the country from tomorrow 18th April until 14th June and you too can have a front row seat by attending a session and/ or following my journey here on the blog (make sure you subscribe)

With Dave Mark from Mchanga 

Back to today
 After my interview and announcement, I had a meeting with Dave Mark from Mchanga , Kenya's version of Indegogo/Kickstarter who gave me a custom account name for support donations towards this mission, so if you are in Kenya and on Mpesa or Equitel - Paybill No 891300, Account Name - Sitawa and if on Airtel- Business Name - Mchanga, Reference - Sitawa...everyone else can use the Paypal tab on the side (valid for the duration of the Kenyan round)

 I would like to thank everyone who has walked with me since I started the planning process in February, from everyone I shared the raw idea with,to the different representatives in the different counties who I literally stalked on social media and through phone calls and those kind enough to respond to my University call out at the beginning of March, to my house guests who understood all papers hanging around my house, to everyone involved in bringing the tote bags concept to life and make their debut at Blankets and Wine - Brandling, Musa, Chris, Fred, Jonna, Johanna and of course the Blankets and Wine team for the free stand at their festival and Youth on the Move for donating 300 epilepsy comic books..last but not least, all who stepped in to support my transport, accommodation and food - Mugambi, Dr Njeri, Kalpa, Ian, Ed, Molly, Sandy, Marsha, Steph, Renada, Caroline G, Bisi, Richard, Caroline K, John A, Holly, Patricia, Carl (PS: you too can support through the PayPal tab on this blog or my new custom named account on Mpesa and Equitel - Paybill No 891300, Account Name - Sitawa and on Airtel- Business Name - Mchanga, Reference - Sitawa aaaaand getting one of my tote bags)

I have definitely spent a lot of time preparing myself psychologically for this mission, of course Amy's passing by suicide pushed me to a cycle of self doubt and I literally held back and had to put somethings and people on hold just to get my footing, had to question if I am ready for this and my answer wasn't just yes...it was HECK YES!!! I have said this in talks and interviews, when I got raped, I wished there was someone's story I could relate to so that I don't feel alone,so that I knew someone out there knew how I felt and now that I have an opportunity to give what I didn't have then but have now, HECK YES I want to do this...slowly and steady, checking myself and my energy all through, remembering it's not about me but it also needs me to be in good form... it's been 2 months of praying and planning not just for the project to be successful but for the people who I will be meeting, that this will be an encounter that sparks their healing and restoration journeys.

I am glad I am here, right in this very moment, I am so so glad I am here getting ready to embark on this mission which only God knows the outcome. I am glad I am able to get into a space of 8 weeks of sharing of myself and loving on others through my life journey (this is where I do a shout out to my Sweetling, Kia Moore for teaching me that it starts from my knees, progresses on my knees and ends on my knees) and I am glad that I have that as my weapon, strategy and tool. I will definitely appreciate your prayers as I go through these 8 weeks of sparking conversations on mental health, most of all, I would love it if you loved on everyone who will attend the sessions by sending them love and light when you pray, that they start their process of healing through this mission.

Sending healing and restoration to you all

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  1. This, challenges and encourages me. Keep going

    1. Run with the challenges He places in your heart...He who began this work is going to fulfil it but we have to accept the challenge