Let's Really Talk About Depression this World Health Day 2017 - (Activity Guide)

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Hey hey,

Hope your weekends were alittle more upbeat than mine.

I had a struggle on whether I want to show up this week or remain hidden but I am here, Yaaay. Amy's death was definitely a blow (Amy is a pal and mental health warrior who died of suicide) and I had some serious self conversations and some with God from Friday and got reminded of my why and the greater purpose it serves so I chilled this weekend and did another check in this AM just to make sure before I came all out.

This Friday is World Health Day, the day WHO uses to celebrate itself. Each year they roll out a theme and the one they have for 2017 is Depression.(PS: I have a whole session on depression where I highlight past discussions and my personal struggles so read through that and feel free to contact me via the tab on the side for more information or if you are struggling)

In conjunction with the ministry of health and a couple of mental health stakeholders in Kenya, we will rolling out activities and information on depression using the hashtags #LetsTalkKenya, #WorldHealthDay2017 and #Depression, be sure to catch that and retweet plus comment.

- Today we will look at depression 101 - what it is, Signs and symptoms plus some local and international facts, 
- Tomorrow we will see where to get support plus treatment and prevention, 
- Wednesday we will be live tweeting from a mental health symposium at KMTC,
- Thursday we will have a stakeholder tweetchat
- Friday (which is Dday) we will be live tweeting from a media breakfast hosted by WHO and Ministry of Health. 

I look forward to a week of learning and sharing and most of all people feeling safe to ask for help...don't suffer in silence...lets talk

Sending love and light,
Sitawa Wafula

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  1. You have a great blog, thank you so much for sharing. I feel that it is very important to discuss mental health...and depression is something that many don't discuss.