Of tote bags, pop ups and final project clues

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Rocking my Akili ni Mali tote bag
Good Good Friday (or is it Happy Good Friday) Beautiful Souls  ‎

Hope you are all doing good.

It is end of Lent which means I will finally be sharing with you my latest project which I have been throwing 'something is brewing' hints for the past couple of weeks ...this is the final finalist final hint; follow me on Facebook and Instagram for an announcement - Monday 17th April at 9a EAT

As you set those reminders for Monday, I would like to share about last week; It was really hard for me to process Amy's passing. Last week got really rocky, ended up deactivating my twitter account and missing out on a number of World Health Day activities that the Ministry of Health and Mental health stakeholders had organized. The down time gave me time to process myself and think through the project that has been brewing forever. I managed to process my why and sometimes that's all we need to have to push on.

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On Saturday 8th I did a TEDx Talk (still waiting for the video to the TED gig I did in February to be edited - don't ask). Just incase you need to know because this might be a lifeskill someday :) a TEDx is an independently organized gig, not by TED - the organisation...the theme was Africa; New Horizons and I shared my age old Coffee Bean story because Lord knows I needed to remind myself that I am a Coffee Bean (will do a post of the talk and the other amazing speakers later)

On Sunday 9th, I was at Blankets and Wine. They had sponsored a stall at their #BnWFestival for me to do a pop up for the upcoming project I have been dropping 'Something is Brewing ' hints of.

I had my totebags on display and thought it will be an afternoon of me and my intern just working on stuff about the project. There were amazing artists on the #BnWFestival line up including Nneka who I had mentally slotted to groove to...truth be told, I cannot recall any of their performances because of the activity in my stall from selling tote bags and the story behind them to listening to people sharing about their mental health journeys.

Shout to Boniface Mwangi for stopping by

and Zawadi for copping a tote bag

More thanks to Johanna, Jonna, Musa, Fred, Chris, Kalpa and the entire Blankets and Wine crew for making Sunday possible. You can order your tote bags here  

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Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to catch the announcement on Monday. 

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