48 hour unplug - Day 81 / #100daysofMentalHealth

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Good evening beautiful people,

I cannot believe it is Friday already, last week at a time like this I was in Maseno University which was the last stop for the first leg for my Akili ni Mali  mission.
I took this whole week to rest and recover from everything.Rest takes so many shapes and forms, sometimes it is being in bed all day, other days it is just being unavailable to everyone else so that we can be available to ourselves and our minds and bodies ... one of the ways I did that was through a 48 hour unplug, 48 hours without Internet (despite my overflowing inbox) aaaaand it felt so good...I felt better prepared to deal with the overflow in my inbox and the second leg of the mission which starts on Monday when I plugged in last night. PS::: Since its Friday, a little flashback (#fbf) won't hurt, right? This goes way back to last year after my month long speaking tour in the US.
R E S T I S T H E H U S T L E ::: Day 31 / #100DaysofMentalHealth is about embracing rest. My plan was to use the one day to relax from my trip and hit the ground running, I was already booked for meetings and some speaking engagements this week but my body had other plans, the earliest I have woken up since I got back is 2p and this has been hard for me...no I am not a #workaholic (first step is denial, I know :))) Initially I was fighting the fact that I need to chill and was actually beating myself up about it but today when I woke up and saw it was 5.30p I chose to be #Grateful for the gift of life instead and embrace rest, I deserve it...so do you. . . . #RestIsTheNewHustle #vintage #OldisGold #mymindmyfunk #mentalhealthblogger #wellness #wellnessblogger #mentalhealthmatters #mentalwellness #MentalHealthWithoutBorders #femprenuer #AfroBlogger #KenyanBlogger #AfricanBlogger #blogger #aspen #TravelNoire #jetlag #Wanderlust #annabelleInn
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If you are up to it, you can make this your weekend challenge, no emails, no social media, no Internet for 48 hours. As mentioned, I continue with my #akilinimali mission on Monday and I would like your support through the copping a Totebag and sending love and light to me and the participants.
Have a lovely weekend beautiful people.

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