Akili ni Mali Kenya - Leg 2 Updates

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Leg 2 in Numbers
Hope you enjoyed your weekend...My body became a DIVA when I got back to Nairobi and it has all reason to so I have just been letting it win, it has outdone itself though, like really outdone itself...in total, I have done 11 sessions totalling 15 + hours of speaking and 3500 + KMs in road travel for the whole tour.  (If you are just catching up on this, Akili ni Mali loosely translates to Mind is Wealth and this less than 2min motion graphic that Georgie made in support of the mission explains why I am doing this and how you can be part of the journey)

The last time I was here, I talked about the first leg of the mission, some self care through my 48 hour unplug and did a call out for Mental Health Service Providers across Africa. All that was during my week long break after finishing the first leg.

Flier for the University of Nairobi - Mombasa Campus engagement 

Leg 2 of the Akili ni Mali mission began on Monday 8th and it saw me visit 2 counties - Garissa and Mombasa.

In the 10 days of this leg, I had 4 sessions; 3 Universities/College (one was an impromptu invite, someone saw me speak and quickly mobilised his college to host my talk) and 1 art collective ( some pictures from the art collective) plus countless one on one sessions and exploration meetings with different groups...I had 7 of these exploration meetings. ‎

4.40am boarding from Garissa to Mombasa 

While the first leg stretched me psychologically doing 7 sessions in 10 days (travelling hours included in those 10 days), this leg added physical stretching as it involved loooooong bus rides including one that had a 4.40a check in (that's the bus from Garissa to Mombasa).

It also had its share of psychological stretching like listening to first hand narrations of the Garissa University terrorist attack that left 147 dead to some digging deep during discussions in Mombasa on the role of spirituality in defining, treating and dealing with mental health conditions.
My 'I am done with leg 2' face

I am on break now as I give my body some time to heal (be a DIVA) and my mind the much needed rest it deserves. My original idea was to do quick in and out sessions as I count down to marking 14 years as a rape survivor but actually being out there, meeting people face to face, having private one on one sessions has shown me the need for mental health awareness creation and support, I have seen what an afternoon of sharing of myself does and I want to keep at this, I don't want this to be a quick in and out for some count down, I want to keep these conversations going, I want to see more and more people start their healing journeys because we are here on earth to live life and live abundantly and holding on to all the things that are killing and destroying and stealing from us isn't God's plan for any of us...interestingly the more I share of myself, the more I learn and get challenged within myself so in His own twisted way, He is sparking things in me too.

Shared with sender's permission 
I would like to thank everyone who took time to pray and send me and the participants love and light, everyone who has opened their spaces and the deepmost parts of their lives to me, those who have bought tote bags and contributed towards my food, accommodation, airtime, transport...last but not least, God for putting me on this journey which I consider a great honour and privilege, for choosing me when I didn't expect it or deserve it...I was reading about Esther and GREAT COURAGE the other day and had to make this note because that is all I see when I think about it all, the magnitude of it all...and to think He saw me as the best vessel for this just blows me away. 

My prayer when reading through Esther

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