Akili ni Mali Way Forward - Pop Ups and Celebrating 14 years of strength

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Good evening beautiful people,

Hope your week got to an amaaaaazing start and you are looking forward to the holiday weekend starting tomorrow. June 1st is a National holiday here in Kenya but in my world it marks 14 days to marking 14 years of strength aka 14 years as a rape survivor,(you can read about my ordeal here) I began my count down to marking 14 years of strength a few weeks ago through my Akili ni Mali tour across Kenya where I have been using storytelling to spark conversation about mental health. Akili ni Mali loosely translates to Mind is Wealth and this less than 2min motion graphic  that Georgie  made explains why I am doing this and how you can be part of the journey. I did a first leg which saw me criss-cross from Narok, Maasai Mara to Kendu Bay, Maseno and Kisumu town and just concluded a second leg that took me to Garissa and Mombasa. I have been on break as I wait for my body to give me a go ahead for the next leg which will be very amazing based on the planning meetings...will be sharing soon.

My stand at the Flea Market, you can order my merchandise from the store page

Initially, Akili ni Mali was to run for 8 weeks until mid June when I mark 14 years of strength but based on the areas covered so far, requests and invitations from different spaces plus the planning meetings I have hinted on, Akili ni Mali tour is getting extensions (I laughed...do you see the joke, pun...ok I stop). Given this new development, Leg 3 of Akili ni Mali will be me doing a pop up stand at the K1 Flea Market for a couple of Sundays...This past Sunday I did an impromptu pop up which was an amazing experience... I had conversations with at least 25 people (that's roughly the number of Akili ni Mali stickers I sold plus not everyone who dropped by bought something...Oooh a couple of tote bags went too so the number might be more). In those conversations, I shared my journey and those who dropped by were kind enough to share their journeys and/or those of their loved ones.This will go on as I process the new turn of events and align myself with where God is taking this mission because clearly I am not on the driver's seat...come to think of it, I have never been. All I remember is asking God to show me how to love His people and that's how this whole process (and tour began) and every single day after that He just adds more spice to this mission and so daily I die to self and let Him lead. The main aim of Akili ni Mali isn't to travel, though I love that part, the aim is to spark conversations about mental health in whatever space including markets and to set people up for their healing and restoration journeys. The feedback has been amazing.

I would love it if you came through for the Pop up sessions at the Flea Market and shared your journeys with me as I share about my transition from a rape survivor living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar and moving from being stuck in the house to running a Google award winning blog, setting up Kenya's first free mental health and epilepsy support line which served over 11,000 Kenyans, to being named among the Top 50 Global Social Impactors , Top 42 African Innovators to Watch , Top 40 under 40 women Kenya and my vision for an Africa where those with mental health and epilepsy and their families get access to information and get appropriate support.

Happy New Month Beautiful People...make this month count and remember it's never too late...one thing I have learnt is that God is in the set up business and He won't stop until the job is done.

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