Are you a Mental Health Service Provider based in Africa (or used mental health services)?

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Goooood morning Beautiful people, 

Hope your day got to an amaaaaazing start. As mentioned in yesterday's post, I am taking time off the Akili ni Mali mission this week to just chill and my idea of just chilling today is catching up on my overflowing inbox.(if you are just catching up, Akili ni Mali loosely translates to Mind is Wealth and as I count down to marking 14 years as a rape survivor, I am going across Kenya using storytelling to spark conversations about mental health - read more here  

Most of the emails I am getting are from people looking for mental health services across Africa. Allow me to pause and say Yaaaay because people are actually recognising that they need help... I have done a few linkages and gotten amazing feedback but I would like your help in getting service providers across the continent...

Check out organisations working in the mental health and epilepsy space in Kenya and mental health services providers in Abuja, Nigeria as well as crisis lines across Africa and my tips for Interns / Volunteers looking to get into the mental health space 

If you provide or have used any of the services listed in the image above (and not listed but can help people living with mental health conditions) kindly me email a brief profile, location and contact information (and share this widely)

So far, ‎I have contacts in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Botswana so if you are in those countries and need mental health services, don't be afraid to ask for help, don't suffer in silence 

There is still so much room for everyone else so if you are in those countries and want to be listed kindly get in Kenyan people, don't be left behind too.‎..together let's create an Africa where people with mental health conditions and their families have access to PROPER information and ADEQUATE support. 

Sending love and light,
Sitawa Wafula 

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