My First TED talk went LIVE!!!

10:12:00 AM

Good morning beautiful people,

How amazing is this Nairobi weather?

Dropping in to inform you all that my TED Talk went live yesterday aaaand it already had over 50,000 views within its first few hours of going live...I did the talk, which was my first TED in February around International Epilepsy Day so I used the opportunity to share about my first ever seizure and how my life has changed from having 2-3 seizures a day to about 2-3 in one year.

 A link to the video is at the bottom of this post, but before we get to it...this is me trying to put some suspense... I later did a TEDx in April which I will update you all on when the video is out  

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Plus I just got my video for the MOTH talk I did in December and I will be sharing it on my YouTube channel later ‎ ‎

FINALLY!!! The moment you have all been waiting for. ‎Introducing my first ever TED talk that garnered over 50,000 views within its first few hours of going, share and let's keep epilepsy conversations flowing ‎
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