Looking for Opinion Piece (Oped) ideas

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Looking for Opinion Piece (Oped) ideas to pen down 

T‎hanks to planning and starting my Akili ni Mali mission, I haven't been writing opinion pieces (opeds) like I used to...I'd like to get back to it and would like to know what mental health and epilepsy issues you'd like me to address? You can read some of my previous pieces published in diverse publications from Huffington Post,  NPR, AllAfrica.com to Kenya's Daily Nation and South Africa's Mail & Guardian here

PS: I won't be at the K1 Flea Market tomorrow but will definitely be there next Sunday - 18th June...you can place an order here for either a tote bag or sticker like the one on my note book above or on the Instagram post below (which I reposted this from last week's Flea Market) 

Thanks for sharing Sunshine --> #ReGram @desi_www: A sticker from a cool, courageous mental health health advocate (who will no doubt go on to conquer the world w/ her advocacy) I met while browsing the stalls at K1 Clubs Sunday fleamarket in the Westlands neighbourhood in Nairobi. As a person with mental illness, specifically a mixed-race black woman from a secularised Scandinavian culture, I crave connections with other people similarly touched with fire or with oblique, new, dangerous ways of seeing the world. Am often too self-critical to speak freely about my struggles with various forms of mental illness ranging from exhaustion to hypomania, or to share and discuss the #selfcare routines that help me, preferring to observe things unfold online rather than interacting with flesh-and-blood people out in the open, so have a deep admiration for all mental health advocates braver than me; the beautiful souls who speak openly about their journey toward wellbeing as black women with mental illnesses, while advocating for the rights of women, Africans and the African diaspora at large. So awesome @mymindmyfunk #decolonise #mentalhealth #misogynoir #mymindmyfunk
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