You Waited For Me, Just for Me

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Hey hey beautiful people, 

Today's post is taking it to church because the gratitude in my heart is too much to keep to myself. Before I get my praise on, I would like to ask, do you have a song that your heart, mind, body and soul consider a sound track, one that is speaking the story of your life right now? Mine is You Waited by Travis Greene (the guy who did Intentional and Made a Way). 

This latest song is about God waiting for us and my fav parts are; 
You came out of your way 
You sat down to speak to me 
What amazing grace 
That you've shown So patiently 
 You waited For me Just for me 
 Where would I be If you left me there

I checked out the word Wait and it is defined as the action of staying where one is (being still) or delaying action until a particular time or event. 

 Truth be told, waiting is among the most difficult things to do for most of us. I am guilty of trying to get myself out of my 'be still commands' and trying to help God withthe process or excluding Him from it all together because who wants to wait when they have a HOT thing/project/announcement they have to share with the world? This song says that God waited...He waited for me, just for me meaning He was still, He stayed where He was, He delayed action for me, just for me....wheeeeew!!!

In less than 10 days I mark 14 years of strength (14 years as a rape survivor) and most people know me for that, for strength, for being a living testimony of resilience, a success story, overcoming the labels of rape survivor living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar to running a Google award winning blog, setting up Kenya's first free mental health and epilepsy support line which served over 11,000 Kenyans, to being named among the top 50 Global Social Impactors, Top 42 African Innovators to Watch, Top 40 under 40 women Kenya. The last part of the song where it says, Where would I be if you left me there just breaks me because none of the things that make headlines would ever had if He left me there. You see the span of those 14 years I have been everywhere, figuratively and literally and if He wasn't still, if He didn't delay action, I wouldn't have made headlines, at least not with the positive impact I have. Where would I be if He left me there, there where I was, broken, lost, hurt, in pain, with no hope? Where would I be if He didn't wait for me, just for me? 

Luke 15:11-24 talks about the prodigal son who cashed in his inheritance and went so far away to party it all up only to hit a wall, dine with pigs and come back home (this is a super summarised version of the passage, go read it out and I pray the Holy Spirit reveals amaaaaazing things from that passage as you open your heart to its message) when this son get home armed with his speech of how he is ready to be denounced as a son of that home and be a handy man, his dad runs, not walk, not wait for him at the door with slippers (if you are my age and had a back in the day African parent, you know what I am talking about) he ran, his father ran towards him. Listen you cash in your inheritance, you go live it up, then your father see you coming and runs to you, asks for the best robe and throws a party, no grounding, no use the back door until I feel ready to talk to you, no go back where you were partying it up send off. I started studying the book of Revelation towards the end of 2016 (and I think everyone should study it. As the name suggests it is all about unveiling and unfolding and it reveals more than just the end times and creatures with multiple eyes and heads, it speaks to our everyday life as long as you allow it to...I know it has for me) When God and I are on dates discussing chapters and verses through prayer, meditation, journaling and camping in a handful of verses, reading and rereading them until I understand what He is really saying, I have seen that He didn't just start this work when I re committed my walk with Him a few years ago, noooo He has been at it from back in the day, He began it long ago. So when He waits on us, it is for the purposes He created us for in the first place, the purposes He hints on when He says He knows the plans He has for us, the ones He says He knew about when we were still in our mother's wombs, the ones we cash in to go YOLO our lives away (do people still say YOLO?) and God, the Creator of it all, waits, He is still, He delays action...He would have created another me to take that seat but with amaaaaazing grace He waits, at least I know He waited for me and that thought alone just does a number on me, He waited...You waited for me God, just for me. As I read the prodigal son passage and related to everything from being in a distant country, to facing famine, to saying there is more to life and starting the journey, to seeing God my Father running towards me and dressing me in the best robe and throwing a feast (if you follow this blog you know God has thrown me more than one feast). As the Travis Greene song starts, God literally came out of His Way to speak to me and so one of the things I intentionally set out to do this year was to go deeper, to literally come out of my way to speak to Him. Is there something God is asking you to be still about, to delay an action, maybe it is a job, project, relationship, partnership, investment, what is He asking you to be still about, what battles does He want to fight for you, what paths is He setting out to clear for you and all He requires you to do is wait, is to be still, to delay action? If He being God waited, why wouldn't you wait for me knowing that He isn't man to lie nor is He the son of man to go back on His Word. Or maybe it is not about waiting, maybe you cashed in your inheritance and the famine caught up with you and after a few servings of the menu at the pigsty you feel that you deserve better, and you do Sunshine, Jn 10:10 says Jesus came that we have life and have it in abundance. Maybe you are at that point where you want that life Jn 10:10 talks about and you don't know how to leave the pigsty or wonder if your father will take you in...this post is for you to know that He is waiting for you, just for you. And He can't wait for you to put on the best robe and throw a feast or two or a couple for you, just for you. So broken, in pain, hurt broken, start that journey might pause along the way, be tempted to go back but don't give up...keep at it, He is waiting for you, just for you. In less than 10 days I will mark 14 years of strength and turn over a new leaf in my life (will share the amaaaaazing news soon). It has been a long time coming and I am proud of myself for starting this journey which has involved letting go of so many things from drinking to separating with many people, places, routines and beliefs. It hasn't been easy but now that I look back I can say it was worth it and I would lie to say I did it by my strength because none of it would have been possible if He didn't wait for me...I don't want to know where I would have been if He left me there. Thank you God for Waiting for me and may You through your Holy Spirit walk with everyone reading this post who either needs to wait on you or needs the assurance that you are waiting on them as they begin their journeys home.

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