Books that kept me company in the first half of 2017; Part 2

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This post is a continuation of Books that kept me company in the first half of 2017 Part 1

6. Dear Mary by Sarah Jakes Roberts
I got this book just before I set out for the Kenyan round of Akili ni Mali from Kenswick Bookshop (sells Christian books) at Prestige (think it's 2 or 3rd floor). I wanted to see if they had her latest, Don't settle for safe, go watch the sermon. They didn't have it and I didn't want to read her first Lost and Found,which is her journey as being a teenage mum, getting into a marriage that wasn't building her and 'getting found'. I decided to go with Dear Mary which the back explains is about Mary (the mother of Jesus) and her remarkable example of a quiet, resilient faith in the face of adversity. When I got home with the book, I noticed something I hadn't noticed in the shop, it also read, Lessons from the mother of Jesus for the modern mom, Waaaaait how did I miss that? I am not a mum yet, maybe I can gift it to one of two friends who'd just become a mum, I thought. But during my Kisumu leg of the Akili ni Mali mission, I decided to give it a try and I got so much revelation about birthing things for God. A verse in the book that I kept meditating on is Ecc 11 : 5, which I only got opened up to this past week and I quoted in a post.  
It's a good book if you are mother for sure I will read and reread it in the future, it is also good if you understand where you are at in your birthing process spiritually.

My weekend with #GirlBoss

7. I don't own my copy of Girl Boss, read it at my pal, D's, when I was there for a sleep over (everytime I am at D's, I try to finish a whole book, been successful twice - link to my Mercedes is better than yours). Girl Boss is a real life story by Sophia Amoruso, which takes us through her childhood and not 'gelling well' in school to working at an entrance and setting up an eBay account to sell vintage. The process of sourcing, photo shoots and the growth process that led her to running a multimillion company called Nasty Gal. I saw Netflix are doing a mini series based on her journey, haven't watched it but seen a few reviews that said it didn't nail it. 
I can say it's an okay read.

8. Screw it, Let's do it is my second buy from Richard Branson. I bought this copy at Text Book Centre, Junction last year and it's more or less a summary of his autobio, The Virgin Way which got me a lot of stirs from those who didn't know who Richard Branson was. 'so you want to do it the Virgin way,huh?' I have to say, his is my best autobio so far, I also loved reading Oprah's back story (link to book). 
 Back to this book, i'd say get The Virgin Way first, then read this as a summary.

9. Big Magic; Creative Living beyond fear by Elizabeth Gilbert
I got my copy this year at Books First inside Nakumatt at Prestige. I watched Eat, Pray, Love before I read the book and this is when I discovered the movies cut down a lot, I think this is where I became a movie over books person. After the book, I was super curious about her life with guy that I couldn't wait to dig into Committed when it came out. Then one morning, one of the many newsletters I subscribe to said they had seperated. How? Why? It took forever for me to understand it, I remember doing an interview for a local newspaper and during a chitchat with the interviewer, she mentioned Elizabeth Gilbert and I told her, I am yet to forgive her. She pointed me to an article that explains the why and how.

It still took time but after 'forgiving her' I got Big Magic which I must admit was an amazing read especially since I was in the middle of a transition in my mental health work, getting into establishing a storytelling tour that spark conversation about mental health and healing journeys. She talks about the process of making Eat, Pray, Love, the unexpected blow up which she hadn't seen in her previous publications and also getting back into the process without beating herself up on whether the next thing will blow up or not. It is a book about always showing up to meet with the ideas we are born to manifest and being brave, it also touches on the starving artist concept (which reminded me of lessons from Girl Boss and Screw it, Let's do it)
I will definitely give it a second read, that first one got me in the 'still forgiving' state. It is definitely a good read for those who know they are called to creative living as well as those who are looking for a push into courage.

10. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
This was a street buy, maybe Ksh 100 or Ksh 200, that I have had for years but never got to read. I am not sure why I picked it a few days ago but it speaks to where I am at, having gotten my treasure. It is about a boy who is shepherd going on with this life as a shepherd, talking to his sheep and hoping to get a merchant's daughter but he has a dream which makes him go across the sea through the desert in search of treasure only to find it where he began.
It is one of those hidden meaning type of books, a easy to read book but you need to read in between the lines. Definitely worth reading...pray you get your treasure.

My Ongoing reads are the Book of Revelation in the Bible, I am in Chapter 12 (totally recommend this book). I am also slow reading The States of Africa by which I got at Abuja Airport and a 21 devotional on warfare.

My book wishlist is After You by Jojo Moyers which is the sequel to Me Before You. The copy I had of Me Before You had a 8 page snippet of After You and I definitely want to dig into it. I am looking for recommendations in business 101 books, in this season I got to get my money right, travel and nomadic life type of books, living in the next chapter - there are a lot of books on anticipating and the process of transition but not so many about living in the anticipated.

What are you all reading?

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