...in my totebag

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...in my totebag 
Good evening beautiful people,

How is this Kenyan 'winter' treating you?

Well I am countering it in my 'under the covers office' where I am following up on mental health activities set to happen here in Nairobi next week and some out of the country and continent activities I will be part of. One of the people I am brainstorming on a project with asked for my BBM pin for easier communication (yes I am among the 5 people in the world who still use BBM and are not on whatsapp). Since I do not know it off head, I had to go to my account settings to get it. While at it, I came across a channel titled everyday carry (FYI, on BBM, they have something called channels that share different things from news by BlackBerry and news sources from across the world, recipes, amazing flora and fauna pics, cars and so much more, which you can subscribe to). On this particular channel, people share what they carry everyday, a little like 'what's in your bag' and it inspired me to share what's currently in my totebag (PS: the featured totebag is part of my collection which you can shop for in my store - free delivery to all Kenyan towns)
My BlackBerry journey

1. My BlackBerry and earphones.
Confession - I am on my 5th BlackBerry - Blackberry Passport - which I use for crafting and posting blog posts, responding to emails, managing my tasks and scheduling meetings, taking notes in church and during meetings, reading news and blogs I have subscribed to, watching TED Talks and so much more. I haven't owned a laptop since February, my battery crushed, then it started having a strange beeeep which I was told is a RAM issue and then so many other things went wrong and the cost of fixing is a little under getting a new laptop and this time round I want a really good one which I am yet to meet so I am in that laptop abstinence stage of life plus my BlackBerry charge lasts all day, currently using the Passport, so I don't need to walk around with a charger as long as it is at 100% when I start my day.

2. Stationery 
I always have a notebook with me specifically for random ideas that pop up either for blog posts and opeds, the totebag business I just got into, people and things to check up on, responses to email queries and other random things I think about. I prefer plain notes books because my thinking process involves loads of doodling...Moleskin notebooks are king and can be found at Bookstop at Yaya Centre or online...they are a little pricey buuuut totally worth it for me, couple them with a purple or black gel pens or a pencil and you won't believe how those random ideas get life. My current notebook is a gift from one of my hosts during the month long USA speaking tour I had last year.

3. Sudoku or reading book
I always have a type of book with me to keep me company during long hours in the matatu (Ngong can be rather far at that times) or in waiting rooms. I recently bought a sudoku book from text book centre which feels like a beginners book, all the puzzles are easy so will be shopping for another one soon...just started reading So Long a Letter by Mariama Ba that I got last year in Nigeria.

4. Cards and money
I carry my National ID, NHIF card, emergency contacts including my psychiatrist and a collection of loyalty program cards with me (Also see travelling(road trip) essentials for people with epilepsy/mental health conditions because sometimes heading from Ngong to CBD and back feels like a roadtrip) ...my recently acquired loyalty card being the Mama Rocks card which I got with the aim of eventually getting a free veggie burger which are amaaaaazingly amazing (I am accepting early bday gifts, order a Mama Rocks veggie burger for me). I stopped using the ATM locally, so I now budget ahead including contingency funds and only have enough money (and just a little more) when I leave the house. (allow me to digress, having lived with a bipolar diagnosis for a decade-ish, I have learnt my triggers and seen my personal cycle especially with money. This has taught me, the very hard way, after several money related crush and burn incidences, how to be a master and not a slave to it)

5. Other necessities 
Last but not least, I have a bathroom bag with my medication - two pills for epilepsy just incase a sleep over happens, some migraine meds because I never know what my next trigger will be. I also throw in sanitizer because I loooove eating with my hands,  some lotion, lip balm and soft tissues.

Cop this bag for Ksh 550 (USD 5.50)
More confession,I don't carry all these things every single day I leave the house...if I am running for a super quick errand, my BlackBerry, cards, money, housekeys and lip balm are my 5 must carry and I recently came up with this small plain black purses just to accommodate my quick carry items. You can place an order for them here...so what's on your list?

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  1. Love your 'random' posts, they give me life. Also, blackberry should award you loyalty points :)

    1. I will start a petition for ambassadorial post from BlackBerry