Mental Health (and Suicide crisis) helplines in Kenya and Across Africa you should have on your contact list

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You should save all the contact info on this post

Over the past two days, I have gotten emails asking about suicide crisis helplines and as usual i was inspired to do a blog post. One of my many contributions to the mental health space is running Kenya's first free mental health and epilepsy support line which served over 11,000 Kenyans by linking them up with psychiatrists, psychologists and support groups in the one year I had it up (read about the launch and some testimonials)  Part of my build up to launching the line was creating a database of mental health service providers which I am still doing and which I still use when I get emails.My reason for opting to start a support line with my Google award winning aaaand for setting this online resource hub (which you should subscribe to) way back in 2010 was due to lack of local mental health content and support systems. 

In this post, I will share some key crisis helplines in Kenya and across Africa that you should save on your phone, print and stick on your fridge or pin on notice boards at school, work and places of worship...and most importantly USE, don't suffer in silence.


  1. Befrienders Kenya +254736542304 +254722178177 (regular call charges apply) Formerly Samaritans offer free listening services to people who are in crisis and/or suicidal.
  2. Niskize -‎ ‎0900620800 (Ksh 7 per minute) is a 24 hour counselling call centre that deals with relationship/marriage issues, trauma, grief, anxiety, depression. (currently down but check their Facebook page
  3. One2One by LCVT - 0800720121 (toll free) works on HIV related issues among young people including the psychological effects of those issues. ‎
  4. 1195 by HAK (toll free) works on Gender Based Violence and related issues, borrowing from my personal journey these issues can lead to psychological trauma if felt unchecked.
  5. Have to throw in 116 (toll free) for child abuse

ACROSS AFRICA (in Alphabetical Order)

  • Lifeline Botswana - 3911270 is a national lifeline 24 hour service.


  • Lifeline Ghana - +233244846701 or +2332 444 71279 (regular call charges apply) is a 24/7 suicide prevention counselling telephone line
  • Mental Health Authority Ghana - 050 991 4046 and 020 681 4666 dedicated lines for persons in need of psychological help or contemplating suicide.


  • MANI Distress Lifelines - 08060101157, 08136770508, 08093565520

South Africa

  • Lifeline South Africa - 0861 322 322 (toll-free) works 24/7 dealing with trauma, suicide and other psychological issues.
  • Crisis Team - +27 83 256 5993 is a 24 hour support service for those with suicidal thoughts and feelings, the bereavement of the loss of a loved one to suicide and other traumas.


  • Befrienders Uganda - 0800200450 runs a crisis intervention center at Mulago national referral hospital.


  • Samaritans Bulawayo - +263965000 offers face to face counselling (walk ins and appointments)

I am still compiling this list as well as collecting mental health policies from African countries aaaand looking for Mental Health service providers across Africa , kindly send me links on the private message me page and I will definitely update goal is to have all African countries on it. You can also read my other posts on suicide here

Remember to save and share this contacts and USE them...don't suffer in silence.

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  1. Hi Sitawa, thank you so much for sharing this. Many people need to know. Can I share the Kenyan contacts on my blog and credit it to your website? Thanks.

  2. I just leant of you from a friend. I love the initiative you have and the work you're doing. I'm seeking similar help for someone really close to me and I'd like to get in touch with you. I don't know where to start.

    1. Hi Moses, just send me the details on the private message me page and we will move on from there. Sending love and light, Sitawa