Sunday evening activities and taking care of my mental health in the cold season

11:00:00 PM

Hey hey beautiful people,

Hope you are well. I am balancing out activities to keep me warm as either extremes in the weather is a seizure trigger for me and you know this 'Kenyan Winter ' is on another level when it inspires a blog post. Here are my 5 to beating it or trying to beat it this Sunday evening ;

Coloring - my bed has been my base for the longest time, there is no way I am staying elsewhere then go through the process of warming my bed tucked at the corner is me with my mug trying to figure out how to give life to the drawings in my coloring book. This process also helps me think through a lot of other unrelated things or not think at all...tonight I went all mono chrome and started building mental bag patterns even asked Bwana M who I am working with to make my totebags if we can make something monochrome.

Radio - My best radio show since I was small is definitely Sundowner every evening on KBC English service, me and my dad are always locked...tonight AfroCentral on Homeboyz 103.5 FM by Patricia Kihoro did it for me, as usual she played the most amaaaaazing african neosoul tunes and Lord knows we need loads of them to dance the cold away.

Food - it takes so much energy to make a meal from scratch so left overs are my in is tricky since I don't have a fridge but not impossible. Tonight I had some left over Githeri with peas and lemon masala tea, which was the truth. I don't about y'all but there is always something about left over Githeri. I always add peas or some french beans mixed with carrots to mine aaaand y'all know I can't do without  some this cold needs to be chillified.

Meditation - Sunday nights are good for reflecting on the week that was and the week that is coming, show some gratitude, visualisation and mapping out add some bed stretches, because getting to the yoga mat is a sick rumour, say your prayers, inhale, exhale and have an amaaaaazing night and an awesome week ahead.

How are you holding down this 'Kenyan winter '? 

Sending love and light 

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