Weekend vibes and Vegan meal in 10 minutes ; steamed potatoes with stir fried kales (sukuma wiki)

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Hey hey beautiful people,

Hope you had an amaaaaazing weekend, I know I did...mine began on Friday after I finally put up my post on tips for interns and volunteers hoping to get into the mental health space (and organisations to check out)...which I had been writing and sinking into other conversations and activities during my week long out of town trip so it was good to finally finish and post it...hope you found the tips helpful.

Sage on stage at Jazz Attitude gig at The Alchemist 
I will spare you the Friday evening and Saturday details but will share about a merchandise drop on Sunday when I was about to start my meal prep that saw me end up at a Jazz gig after my client got us tickets. I got to see Sage live for the first time and she is amaaaaazing (her album is one my to get list and I don't mind early bday gifts) ...dear clients please be this nice to me (on top of payments) when I drop off work. One of my many new years promises to self was to go for more gigs and I think I have been doing well (see Event hacks for people living with epilepsy plus Friday night out)

Fresh from the kitchen garden 

Another thing I promised myself is to do more vegan tryouts, check out my previous tofu meal and bean burgers tryouts. Unfortunately this hasn't been so because I also went all out and started the Akili ni Mali tour which saw me travel a lot. So when I got home on Sunday, I put this meal together in 10 minutes with some potatoes I had in the house and kales (sukuma wiki) from the kitchen garden, that I had picked before running the drop.

Meal prep
For the potatoes 
1. Peeled and cubed 6 mid sized potatoes 
2. Steamed, added salt and some parsley

For the kales
1. Washed and cut
2. Stir fried  with some onions (loooove the purple strips) and  added salt and some chilli (what is a meal without some heat?)

these small babies will bring you to tears 

It took less than 10 minutes to make this meal which was a nice simple switch from what I was eating at my out of town trip. I'd have loved to added some grated carrots to the kales but I worked with what I had.

At my local market in Ngong the 6 mid sized potatoes would go for Ksh 20. When buying potatoes, I prefer buying the small bucket which goes for Ksh 150 which allows me to experiment more and have fall back ingredients when I get home late and need a quick fix. The bunch of kales would go for Ksh 30 (but I am grateful for the kitchen garden)  and the onions Ksh 10, so this meal is a cool Ksh 60 (not considering the salt, parsley and the oil).What simple less than 10 minutes vegan meals are you loving?

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