Catch me on the Morning Crossfire show and the following gigs in Nigeria this weekend

8:39:00 AM

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Morning Beautiful people,

Second day in a row that I am leaving at 6.15a, yesterday was for a two hour drive from Lagos to Ibadan where I was the guest speaker at the opening of a community health clinic, today we are headed to Nigeria info FM for the Morning Crossfire show with Tolu and Onome talking Mental Health. If you are in Lagos, it's 99.3 FM, if not Listen Live from 8-8.30a (WAT)

After the show I will be flying off to Keffi for another gig and then later in the afternoon, I will be taking over the JCI Nigeria twitter account for a tweetchat on mental health in Africa...and on Sunday, I will leading a session hosted by She Writes Woman in Abuja...what are you all upto this weekend?

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