My mental health awareness tour, Akili ni Mali, is in Nigeria

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'Skeleton Flier' for my two week Akili ni Mali Nigeria speaking tour 
(subject to updates)
Good evening Sweetlings,

Just a quick note...after an amaaaazing and successful round of my mental health awareness tour -  Akili ni Mali Kenyan Round - I am super excited to announce that I have teamed up with JCI Nigeria, BudgIT, Gede Foundation and Big&Bold to take it to Nigeria.
Flier for session at Ibadan

I am glad to be back to this amaaaazing country  (read about my last trip to Nigeria ) where for the next two weeks I will visit Ibadan, Lagos, Keffi, Abuja, Benin City and Abeokuta for sessions with the media, government entities in the different states as well as support groups, psychiatric departments and mental health organisations.

Have a lovely evening beautiful people.

Update: see below some media bits - feature of my tour done by The Guardian Nigeria and from Nigeria Info FM 

I met the beautiful and soft spoken Sitawa Wafula from Kenyan today as we talked about #mentalhealth illness. A conversation we don't like to have. Sitawa Wafula is a source of reference for people looking for support and information on the topic. Sitawa aspires to build a resource centre where people that have mental health issues can gain access to information online and all the help they need to manage their conditions. Once homebound by epilepsy, mental health advocate Sitawa Wafula found her strength in writing about it. Now, she advocates for others who are yet to find their voices, cutting through stigma and exclusion to talk about what it's like to live with the condition. You can follow @jci_nigeria to learn more #mentalhealth #stigma #voice #speakup #radiogirl #bealifesaver #youcansavesomeone #lifeofaradiogirl
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...and some links of posts done after key sessions during the tour
1. Epilepsy awareness in Ibadan
2.Chronicles from Keffi and Abuja - Part 1 (10 things to do in Abuja and its environs)
3.Chronicles from Keffi and Abuja - Part 2 (Meeting with mental health service providers in Abuja)
4. Chronicles from Benin City where I did my very first pidgin radio interview and got a Nigerian name

5. Visiting Nigeria's main Mental Health Hospital - The Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Aro in Abeokuta 

6. Chronicles from Lagos - Eating at a fully fledged vegetarian restaurant and other things to do in Lagos City 

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