The MOTH UN General Assembly (UNGA) showcase; a night of Vulnerability, Resilience and Hard work

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On stage during the MOTH UN General Assembly (UNGA) showcase

Hey hey, beautiful people,

Finally back home from New York and I have so many tales to share with all of you. I will start with last week on Monday. So last week was UNGA (UN General Assembly) season in New York and member states (and interested parties) were in the city to talk about world issues and make resolutions on some things (and just be all over the place). How UNGA works (in a very oversimplified way) - There is the main program which involves UN member states discussing a whole bunch of things. The member states are usually represented by heads of states or their appointed representatives (Kenya had Amb Amina because the re-election campaigns have the president and his deputy looking for votes). The member states have sitting spots, think it is alphabetical by country, and give reports on various SDG progress points. Beside the main UNGA calendar, there are side events, like alooooot of side events based on various agendas like women issues, climate change – the mudslides, hurricanes, among other issues (again oversimplified explanation of UNGA, but I hope you get the flow, you need it to understand the rest of this post)

Jazz at Lincoln Centre

Soooo other than my other meetings and escapades here in New York, some of which I will be sharing sooooon – been working on a compilation, I had a UNGA related event too. It was the MOTH showcase dubbed Global Stories of Women and Girls that had the UN undersecretary who is also the UN Women Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo – Ngcuka as a special guest.

Read about it in the Business Insider  -  USA, “The Moth Presents Global Stories of Women and Girls"

The event which was held at Jazz at Lincoln Centre on Monday 18th, saw 6 of us share our journeys which coupled up with the UN Women Executive Director remarks spelled out the mix of vulnerability, resilience and hard work, that women and girls across the globe carry with them as they navigate through life.

If you are new here, read about my rape ordeal and my seizure affair

Fatuo Wurie

Of the amazing stories shared, my best two were from a lady from Sierra Leone – Fatou Wurie, whose grandmother made sure that she and her sisters did not go through FGM. Check out her project – The Survivor Dream Project which works with women through the trauma they have experienced as a result of the civil war among other things in Sierra Leone…I hope to work with her and her project in the near future (pray with me for Akili Ni Mali Tour in Sierra Leone – Read about Akili ni Mali Kenyan Round and Akili ni Mali Nigerian Round  which concluded a week before I left for New York.

Sarah Lee Nakintu

I also liked the story of a lady from Uganda – Sarah. She shared about her mother who stood up to her father when he wanted to marry her off at 14. This action by her mother meant that her schooling would stop (because her father was for her getting married and not getting married meant he didn’t want anything to do with her). Her mother, who until then was a housewife, worked really hard to make sure she saved enough to not only take care of their upkeep but also to take her, Sarah, back to school after she was out for one year.

The whole crew with UN undersecretary with the blue head wrap and
the amaaaazng Dame who was the MC with the dyed hair

Other stories were on rising above bullying, leaving a domestic marriage after 8 years, another lady who had to stay at home to take care of her premature twins and starting farming and rising to the level of teaching locals farming and running a demonstration farm that has a school that has agriculture as a core (and extra to the) curriculum.

UN undersecretary sharing her experience

The UN undersecretary, who is from South Africa shared of her days as a social worker during apartheid and the everyday resilience of working with children and the vulnerability of having her police at her door looking for and the vulnerability of that ordeal.

...that point I was making was really DEEEEEP

I spoke immediately after the undersecretary and shared the part of my journey where I was fired from a job when I had a seizure in the workplace and channeling that into my poetry and starting this blog which is a source of information, inspiration and support for thousands of people across the globe and my vision of a future with more people living with epilepsy in the workplace and that the people working with them will know that the…

In the spirit of the UNGA, and as I leave New York, I have made resolutions to be comfortable in my vulnerability, resilience and hard work…and I am thankful that I am in the same space with the UN Women Executive Director and all the women and journeys shared as well as those who were not on stage with us but live in the space of Vulnerability, Resilience and Hard work every day.

Special thanks to Lian for coming through, as well as Josephine, Andrew and Peggy from Aspen, Thomas and his sister…it was definitely a fest.

*All pictures from the MOTH main photographer and Lola, the ‘stealthy photographer’

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  1. Rising above it all. Above the muck and shining. Keep at it and let your light shine. Illuminating for others to see and follow the path.