World Suicide Prevention Day - Crisis Lines in Africa and throwback posts on suicide

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World Suicide Prevention Day theme 2017

Good morning beautiful people,

Annually, September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day which was yesterday.

I have not been very keen about awareness this year given that I lost three special people, all fellow mental health advocate...two of them were vocal in the suicide prevention movement and they both died through suicide...the third is Dr.Njeri who was a consultant psychiatrist for those who reached out to me.

Part of me thought that's the more reason to do more awareness but another part is giving me time to deal with the loss first...I have been keeping myself busy, finishing up with reports from my mental health awareness tour in Nigeria, dealing with loss in my family and getting ready for my next trip this week.

In line with this year's World Suicide Prevention Day theme, 
"Taking a minute, can change a life"

I am taking a minute despite it all not to do a new thing but to reconcile past posts on suicide and hope the information will be of use to those who use this blog for information and inspiration;

  1. Bookmark this page with Crisis help lines across Africa
  2. Remembering Amy of the semi colon project who passed on this year
  3. Discussion on suicide (facts and myths about suicide) with young people who attended my sessions in Kibera
  4. Understanding depression which in its severity can be lead to suicide
  5. Some tips on dealing with negative energy as well as handling disappointment  
  6. My struggles and personal postings about suicide
  7. Project to spark conversations on suicide

That is all for today...remember
dont suffer in silence...asking for help is not a sign of weakness but strength, the type of strength that understands you cannot do it on your own

Sending love and light,

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