Chronicles from New York Part 2 -  Encounters with NYPD,EMS and some therapies to calm it all down

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NYPD in the building 

Happy new month beautiful people, 

This is part 2 of my chronicles from New York aka finally the NYPD part... catch up with Part 1 of my chronicles from New York 

1. NYPD and EMS


So on my second day in New York, I went for meetings, then met up with Lian because we were going to the vegan Ethiopian place to meet Richard from BasicNeeds US (check out the Basicneeds mental health model here) Went to the apartment to drop work things, only to find that it had been broken into and whoever did it, decided to use my travel bag (the one that i did Akili Ni Mali Kenya and in Nigeria and so many other trips with) to carry stuff that they picked from all the rooms – laptops and stuff. They removed, no they scattered, all my clothes on the floor and were not kind enough to check the front pocket and the side which had all my earrings and neckpieces as well as my iPad and cards. The evening was spent answering the same questions with 3 rounds of NYPD departments that included a detective and forensic team. At least the Ethiopian place, which I mentioned in Part 1, came through with the food and music, easing the evening. 

On stage during the UN General Assembly MOTH showcase at Jazz at Lincoln Center, NY 

Since I am speaking about the down side of my trip, let me add my EMS encounter. When doing my speaking at the UN General Assembly Global stories by women and girls event organised by the MOTH, I spoke about having photosensitive epilepsy, like spoke about it as part of my presentation. Before and during the event people were told not to use flash photography buuuuut nooooo humans are who (only Kenyans will get that - binadamu ni nani?) someone decided to go all super flash and I have a seizure. EMS is called, ok when I came to, there was a lady in blue asking me questions and saying how I need to go to hospital for overnight observation...which I refused and pulled all my energy to show that 'I got this' so that she would stop insisting I go to hospital…if you've been on my blog for a while, you know me and hospitals have bad blood.

Watch my 1 min Epilepsy First Aid animation to get schooled on what to do when someone has a seizure.

2. Somatic Yoga
Our instructor Kathleen setting up candles and music for the class

When I was still in Brooklyn, we decided to go try out some yoga the morning after the break in – NYPD encounter. We went to Loom Yoga Centre which is directly across the Ethiopian restaurant we had the amazing vegan meal. Jamie, in her self appointed ambassador status recommended a class by her friend Kathleen. When booking online, it said somatic yoga which we didn’t have an idea about but we just wanted to calm ourselves down. 

With our instructor Kathleen Shea...wearing a Bongosawa manifesto tee,thank you MUSA 
There was four of us in the class which made it a lot more intimate.Somatic yoga was about using the weight in your body to feel yourself as opposed to the emphasis on using your breathing with is found in most versions of yoga. I loved it so much and how it felt like a dance whose rhythm you and your weight shifts control…I am proud to say, i have been experimenting on this in my morning sessions.   

I also got this peace piece which is in line with where i am at in life, getting alignment and embracing the peace that comes from within. 

3. Graffiti and Public Spaces

By now you know I love cities that express themselves artistically, if you read my chronicles from Lagos, you know the art pieces stole my heart. 

Looooooved this lion with human hands and a crown which was across my sweatshirt is a gift from the amaaaazing Musa of Bongosawa, you should check out their stuff 

The graffiti in Brooklyn really pulled me in, the one below of the guy with the glass that runs from the wall to the side walk, how amazing is that, imagine the process and thought…this is beyond…and so Brooklyn is a walking talking art book. 

Trying to resist the ‘glass trap’…how cool is this piece of art?
It is on the wall and floor

Speaking of walking art books, during our evening around New York with Jamie (mentioned in Part 1), we went to a park (looooove the many public spaces in form of parks that New York has to offer). I loved this guy scaling a wall (more of him on my wrap up video on New York which will be on my YouTube channel soon) 

Besides the guy on the wall, I loved the Strangers Project... which was lines with pegs of handwritten 'journal entries'. The guy who runs this project started it by wondering what people's stories were so he asked to right their stories and the pieces I managed to read were very is my story

4. Shopping…because when you are in New York you have to shop right?

My clothes in their new home after their original home (bag) was stolen

Well, i do not shop when i travel (and buying books is not shopping because that's all i buy when i travel). But since my travel bag was stolen in the break in, i had to find a new home for my clothes. We visited some vintage stores in Brooklyn and we got a used army bag. I know it isn't the prettiest thing in the store but inspired by the Brooklyn spirit, i decided to have this as a reminder of my first New York visit and also as an art project where I will have people sign this bag wherever in the world i travel.

Lian signing my new bag 

I will do some spray painting and stuff on it, buy badges of cities i visit and have them stitched on it, this bag will change the world and then my grand children will sell it at an auction or it will go to a museum that will speak of my nomadic mental health crusading ways…do you see the vision?

Loooove me some moleskine notebook, you can get the sticker in my store

If you follow me here you know I love sharing handwritten notes from my notebooks which are usually white plain papers types…I use the Moleskine collection which perfectly works for me. I usually get my fix from Bookstop, Yaya Centre in Nairobi…and since books are the only things I buy when I travel and I recently acquired a Kindle (we got to save those trees, plus the book shelf seat I’d designed when I moved to my current house is full and I don’t want to have a library in my house just yet), I decided to get another notebook because the one I have is almost full. I went for the fiery red color and it was interesting to note that the price was the same at the Moleskine store as it is in Nairobi. 

Shout out to the amaaaazing Musa from Bongosawa for the sweatshirt...and thank you New York for well for being New York, I guess

I look forward to visiting New York again and experiencing it, its people and their journeys even sure to subscribe to know where my mental health awareness journey will take me next( next week,next)

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