My 3 take aways after studying the Book of Revelation

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Commentary on the book of Revelation 

Good morning Beautiful people and happy last quarter of 2017,

As you may all know, over the years, I have found my grounding from my spiritual practice which incorporates scripture digging, meditation, practising gratitude and mindfulness among other things. As part of my spiritual practice, I have been reading through the book of Revelation for the past 10 or so months and would like to share some take aways.

Revelation means unfolding, unveiling and if this post challenges you to as much as open the first chapter of the book, I ask that you start by asking God to unfold and unveil the things He'd love you to see, hear and experience... then be prepared for them aka be intentionally intentional.

Before I get to my 3 takeaways, I would like to give a spoiler - This book isn't as scary as they say, it is actually very insightful. I also want to point out that it didn't take me long  to finish it because it is a hard read but it had so many insights that I kept pausing to get practical resolutions into motion - twice or thrice I had to read worship literature which is a key theme in the book. I also paused to do other devotionals like 40 days of purpose driven life which I do every Lent and a 21 day devotional on war fare.

Onto the key take aways I'd love to share;
1. As mentioned, the theme of worship runs through the book and is shown as the ultimate activity. As I dug deeper on worship by reading other literature on it, I learnt that worship is more than the music genre status we equate it to (when we say praise and worship and just mean the singing part of life). Worship is an actual activity that involves intimacy with God in everything we are, everything we do, everything we say. Worship should be a daily practise not just scheduled for morning when we wake up and evening when we get to bed but an every moment activity. 

Because of this revelation on worship, I have become intentional (and much better) with my meditation, gratitude and mindfulness. I have been working on including worship in everything I do; from when I wake up, as I walk, when in the matatu or plane, during meetings, just before bed, when cooking...sometimes I nail it and then other times, well other times, I fall face first but then I get up and try again.

2. The Spiritual Realm - yes I had to go there. When we think of this book, we think of the creatures with different heads and tails, end times, apocalypse and raptures and we just fall over. So the creatures are there in the book, I won't pretend they aren't there, but by reading through for myself and not judging the book by other people's interpretation, I have gotten more insight on spirituality and the composition of my faith - Christianity.This process has allowed me learn the power I possess as a spiritual being, yes we have power whether we are aware of (and acknowledge) it or not...I decided to be more aware and acknowledge it. I have seen Jesus in a different light, in the glory he left to come be a man. I have also seen the enemy in a different light (it would be silly to just acknowledge the good and gloss away the evil, they both exist) and learnt about warfare in the process, hence the pause to dig deeper in a warfare devotional. I have sat down with God through the lessons of 666 and how that relates to me on a personal level. I have also seen the ultimate outcome of it all through the numerous times the number seven which means completion has been used and through other scenarios painted in the book. You just have to go through it on your own to experience it, all the while asking God to unfold and unveil it for you.

3. As I studied through it, there was a resounding role of me and now...not in a selfish urgent point of view but as it relates to the bigger picture. I have had loads of 2a wake ups just to listen to God, wake ups that saw me present without a shopping list from here to Timbuktu but to place me where I ought to be, where He preplanned me to be when He formed me in my mother's womb. My meditation time has really gone a notch or two higher... something that has been gradual and grounding. I am at a much better place and I can definitely point out choices I have made over the past 10 months thanks to revelations from the book of Revelation or a 2a wake up, that worked out for good.

I am glad I went through the process and put 10 months aside just to dig deeper into the book of Revelation...Worship, Spirituality and Role of Me and Now are my key take aways with my best chapter being Chapter 7, we had a feast there... I definitely recommend this book to everyone and I will definitely read through it again.

I cannot claim perfection, I am still in a process of being true to myself, my Creator and my calling. I have had to literally take a few steps back to question and separate from a lot and would like to challenge you to do the same. Dedicate this last quarter to do that, not to necessarily read through the book of Revelation but to check your spiritual life, question if it is based on your notes with God or someone else's notes that you copy pasted into your life without asking God if they are applicable to the role you were put on earth for. Pastors and bible study leaders are there to guide but they aren't the ultimate, everything we take from them, and everything you take from here, take it before God before applying it into your life...challenge it in prayer, through scripture, through your personal notes with God.

I used a commentary from the Life Change Series which I got from a street vendor for Ksh 350 (another book I read with a commentary was Acts of the Apostles.) Of course, having a commentary helped, but it can easily end up being an exercise of just getting answers for the commentary as opposed to it being a spiritually enriching exercise. So with or without a commentary, if you decide to do it, pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you through every time you sit to study. Since the book is about unfolding and unveiling, that was my daily prayer.

The process somehow builds a continuous daily commitment, because a new thing gets unpacked least it did for me or maybe that's what it means when it starts by mentioning the blessing of just reading it...but either way, I loved every bit through the book. Also remember not to rush through it, feel free to read and reread and camp at chapters or verses, feel free to close it and dig deeper into topics from other materials or books in the Bible...note revelations that you see and hear then watch God make each of His Words come is not a race or competition, it is a process...a personal intimate I looooved so much I had to share.

Have you read through the book of Revelation? 

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