Nanowrimo Novel Writing Challenge - Week 1+2 Updates

10:18:00 PM

It is Day 14 of the Nanowrimo Novel Writing challenge I got myself into. At a rate of 1667 words per day, participants should have at least 23,338 words by end of day today. I am excited to say that I am a little over that target so yaaaaay.  

I have not been consistent with my writing though (and with the updates too-apologies to all of you who were here last week Tuesday for Week 1 update) I had my video ready, 5 minutes long detailing all the first seven days of Week 1. I uploaded my video on YouTube then it did the irritating thing of getting to 95% and saying there is an error, after two retries it finally came through but the sound and picture quality -which were processing for a long time - did not come through. 

I did a quick intro video this afternoon to go with this update. - the video is part of my less than 20 seconds video prototypes which I am playing around, tell me what you think about them.


Back to my writing;

Day 1
Woke up excited about the project. In my announcement post, I mentioned that I got the rough idea for the story the eve before the challenge began, so a lot of the aspects for this new flow had not been dealt with. It wasn't until 12pm that the story hinted on the type of entrance it wants...DIVA MUCH!!! I worked on the scenes and characters that afternoon but I didn't get any writing done.  

Day 2
Woke up at 5am and worked on the audience, setting and ending of the story which just opened me up to so much. I managed to write twice - 2,593 words from 9-11am and 1,917 words from 7.30 -9pm.  I was on such a roll I even wrote letters - y'all know how much I love handwritten letters - and went for a post office run where I got this amazing package waiting for me.

Day 3
I wrote 4,387 words in one sitting and worked on a plot twist.

Day 4
Woke up feeling so off, the only thing I managed to write was this blogpost of how hard things are and my attempt to use gratitude to fight the funk.

Day 5
Still wasn’t upto doing any writing and instead worked on notes for the inner journey class I co-facilitate. Somehow those notes ended up being a therapy session and a scene.

Day 6
Went for a morning run and hoped to do some writing or scheming before heading out for meetings. The weather and trail had other plans - it started raining halfway and there was mud everywhere - and I took longer than usual and ended up not writing.

Day 7
I managed to do 5,639 words - which is my highest word count in one sitting - making my week one word 18,945. I then rushed to meet N before my co-facilitating session (I mentioned these two events in my last post)

Day 8-13
I did not get any writing done for 6 days due to other commitments, which you all know I will let you on as soon as I have the green light. I am excited that I was 7,000 words over my other week’s target. It wasn’t intentional but it all worked out.

Day 14 (Today)
This morning, I purposed to reach this week’s target and not have any carry overs. I did 4,766 words this morning, making my grand total for the two weeks, 300 words more than the expected target.

Overall feel
I totally love this challenge, from the planning and interacting with the different characters ans scenes. When doing scene 5 last week on Tuesday and scene 6 this morning, I felt so alive. It was such an amazing soul touching experience. I would say spiritual even. 

When I am writing, I have my story line beside me and once I get started (which is what I have seen it the trickiest part for me) the story seems to have a life of its own and it takes me even deeper than my outline had hoped to go. I have found myself laughing as I write and twice I have left my desk smiling because that scene really did a number on me.

Using this baby to plan my scenes

I am using the plain paper notebook from Moleskine for my planning - the video shows some of my plots - you can get one of these notebooks that is branded with the Akili ni Mali (Swahili for Mind is Wealth) stickers at the front and back in my store.

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