Quick meditation and yoga to start the day

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Last week before heading to the inner journey of a change-maker class I am co-facilitating at Amani's Social Innovation Management Course (read about the last class which was on the wound gift concept, vulnerability and fear) , I met with one of my bestest people, N. He is going through a transition so we spent some time talking about it and some self care techniques - mainly talk therapy and why he needs to have someone walk with him through some things. Later in the week, I was thinking of additional things he can do and I thought of yoga (which to him was equal to dressing up in leotards and showing his abs – trust him to turn everything to a laughfest -  I think humor is one of his coping mechanisms and for sure I laughed my heart out on Tuesday)

I won't claim to be a guru in this field but I sure have learnt a few things from my practice which I shared on my beginner's breakdown - yoga for beginners by a beginner and tips on how to use it for your mental health. I have also mentioned in my 5 ways I take care of my mental health when I fly post about managing preflight anxiety through meditation.

Working on balance with the king dancer pose in my room in Narok during Akili ni Mali tour

When I was out doing the my mental health storytelling tour - which saw me do 11 sessions totaling over 15 hours of speaking and over 3,500 kilometers in road travel spread over 6 counties for the Kenyan round in 8 weeks before heading out to do a similar tour in Nigeria - yoga and meditation really helped me with centering myself between all the trips, speaking and meetings.  

Last week, I had mentioned I was feeling off and shared my gratitude activity and list which I was using as a way of fighting the funk. I am still on the upward climb and been doing some quick yoga and meditation to start my days. My meditation ranges from affirmations, going through Bible verses I have read, things I am striving for, things I am releasing, self check of what is bothering me and why, things I am proud of myself for, things I am grateful for…and sometimes I just think of nothing. I usually feel refreshed and ready for the day or whatever projects I have after these sessions and since I am into scented incense sticks, that is how I started my session (which you can see in this 19 seconds video).


I am always looking out for opportunities to learn moreand so during my New York trip, I tried out somatic yoga at the Loom Yoga Centre. My dream yoga pose is the handstand aaaaand my dream yoga gig is definitely the Lamu Yoga Festival (someone please sponsor me for the next one happening in March 2018

My girls, G & J, have been trying to get me to the weekly classes at Africa Yoga Project (AYP) studio but the fact that it is on the other side of town – it is in Parklands and I am in Ngong - has never really worked out for me. J, who has never done yoga in her life, liked the first class though she said her laughing was put on hold for a long minute after the class.

After a somatic yoga session with Kathleen at the Loom Yoga Centre in Brooklyn, NY

I subscribe to AYP's newsletter because I love everything they do including using yoga as a healing outreach for trauma counseling. In their latest newsletter, they mentioned that they will have a fun day at the end of the month in Westlands. I will make an effort to go and maybe tag N along for him just to experience yoga in a different setting... I think that will be a good introduction to it (plus he will see he doesn't really need leotards - please no one come with leotards) 

Get your own yoga mat bag in my store

Speaking of things you need for yoga, other than leotards, I designed this yoga mat bag sometimes back and I have travelled all over with it aaaand it has been a conversation starter in many airports. I had made it for personal use (not for sale) and it wasn't until recently that I started taking orders so if you would like one, head out to my store. Also if you are looking to get yourself a yoga mat, check out this article on things to look out for when choosing the right yoga mat for yourself.

So do you do yoga and meditation? If yes, what yoga and meditation techniques are you using for self care?

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