My Lifestyle

Since my work is people centred, I enjoy my alone time either doing some coloring, sudoku puzzles or nature walks, I also love to do the following;
  1. Yoga - read my yoga for beginners by a beginner post
  2. Write Poetry - My work began around 2010 with this blog and a poetry night (Poetry at Discovery later Sitawa Ignited - which was the first non sponsored poetry night in Nairobi after Kwani Open Mic and the one that used to be at The Junction plus mine was the first one to branch out, had sessions in Nakuru - those were the days). You can dig into my poetry here 
  3. Spirituality - i enjoy scripture digging and being soaked in God's AWESOMENESS through meditation and fellowship (For almost one year, ok 9 months, I hosted a girls only monthly Bible Study at my house and led them in weekly prayer calls)...all this has been part of my recommitment journey which I am growing deeper in on the daily and I thank God for this opportunity to commune with Him, fellowship with me here 
  4. Books -  I also love love tearing apart books (some people call it reading but mine involves different color marking, using sticky notes and note taking on the pages, that is why you can never borrow a book after i am done) here's what I have been reading
  5. Vegetarian - I went vegetarian in 2016 and it was something else, follow my journey as you learn a recipe or two that you can try out 
  6. Travel - see the spots I have been to and see which ones will tickle your fancy ‎and some tips to take care of yourself while on the road, after my trip to South Africa, I did a post on how to take care of yourself in a foreign country, that post was a build up to my road trip essentials for people living with epilepsy/mental health. I have added to both those lists with a few more tips on how I took care of my mental health in Nigeria 
  7. DIY - Other times the artistic bug gets to me and I am creating things like this