How do you deal with disappointment, the type that pains in the chest?

8:31:00 PM

For the past two months, I have been anxiously awaiting to get into a full year program. After the announcement being pushed twice the final list was released this evening. It was rather disappointing not to see my name on the list, I was sure I'd be on it...several people were also sure I'd make it so it felt like a big blow and I refreshed the page twice just in case my name was hidden in the inter webs. Well I didn't get it and it was disappointing and it felt painful in my chest for a long minute, guess my disappointed bone lives in my chest. But I guess that's the way life is, we win some things we lose others... it doesn't mean we are failures, we just weren't meant for some things. One of my pals said, rejection is a form of protection.
I went for a walk and it was a happy walk...I feel happy now and I decided to compile a list from a tweet chat on how to deal with disappointment.
1. Walk it out
Walking does some blood flow magic mambo stretches and stuff,you need to experience it to understand.
2. Talk about it
Talking about your disappointment helps to get the negativity out.
3. Write it down
If you don't have someone to share with, journaling helps... I love this because paper and pen never judge.
4. Change the scene or activity
Changing the scene or activities let's your mind shift from whatever disappointed you to new energy.
5. Cry it out
Crying always feels like a soul cleanse to me, diluting and washing away all the negative energy
6. Pray and release it to the universe
Remember to deal and not mask or escape from stuff. Most suicides are a result of build ups. When we cover up stuff, afraid those around us will see us as weak or weird. Those build ups eventually implode and lead to severe mental health issues and/or suicide.
How do y'all deal with disappointment?

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