Hi beautiful people,

Before we dig in, I would like to point out the following ; 

Epilepsy is not a mental health condition but a neurological one, the reason i speak of the two is because of my dual diagnosis as well as similarities in the stigma and myths epilepsy and mental health conditions face.

Myth No 1. To put a spoon or not...the video below tells you what you need to do

Epilepsy First Aid illustrated in 1 minute

My Seizure Affair
I have had epilepsy from age 17 and the video below details how that life has been...if you prefer a written version of my seizure affair then get it here

Additional Information 

  • Organizations in the epilepsy space in Kenya and the umbrella body in Kenya 
  • Learn about  my first ever seizure from this TED Talk 
  • My experience with discrimination due to having a seizure at the workplace which I shared at a UN MOTH showcase in New York 
  • Get answers to the age old question- in case of seizure, should we use a spoon 
  • Here are 10 things having epilepsy makes a downer for me
  • My concert hacks for people living with epilepsy 
  • An epilepsy glossary 

  • If you still want more information, follow these links for more articles and catch highlights  from a 2013 gig when I organized an amazing online purple day event that saw twitter turn purple (in this part of the world)

    Living with Epilepsy Series
    In 2014, when i had just moved to my own place, YoTM asked me to share about life with epilepsy,  we split the discussion into 6 episodes where we touched on Moving Out, Work, Education, Fun, Faith and Love 

    I hope these episodes will help you get the information you are looking for and let you know that a diagnosis is not a death sentence, you can go on to be who you want to be with the proper information and support. Feel free to write to me on the contact form on the side bar or simply text my organization, My Mind My Funk FREE of charge on 22214. (the free text line is currently out of service)

    1. Moving Out

    2. Work

    3. Education

    4. Fun

    5. Faith

    6. Love

    I hope the six videos and all the other videos were informative. If you have questions, use the comment box below or the private message me page.