One minute Epilepsy First Aid video complete with African characters

12:23:00 PM


Hey hey Sweetlings, 

In between criss crossing states for awareness creation events and  meetings during my mental health awareness tour in NigeriaI have been doing back and forth emails with a digital motion graphic designer, hope that's their right title. We worked on an epilepsy first aid graphic as our first project, inspired by the epilepsy awareness sessions I have been doing - read about the sessions in Ibadan and Benin City. 

It was nice playing director, or was what I did producer? Anyway I loved the process including getting clothes samples to give the graphic an African feel...if you have visited my store, you might find some of the fabric familiar. I definitely look forward to working with the digital motion graphic guy to convert a lot more things in the resources page  into 1 minute motion graphics. (If you'd like to engage the motion graphic guy, private message me. )

Bonus video
When I was on YouTube uploading this epilepsy first aid graphic, I also uploaded the another 1 minute video on the picnic in Keffi (which I had mentioned in my post on 10 things to do in Abuja and its environs ) ...Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel while at it

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